Chill out, mom

By chasingcars0624 - 28/08/2009 23:44 - United States

Today, I got a knock on my door at 3 a.m. Turns out, if I ignore my mother long enough, she will assume I have died and will call the cops. FML
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When did she call the cops? Why would they show up at 3am? I mean, if you were really dead, you'd still be dead, at lets say... Nine. In the afternoon. (;

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yeah at least she does.. Be thanful you have someone who does.. You'll miss it one day.

True..."at least she cares" is of course a good thing but it CAN be annoying. :D When I was in the States last year visiting my in-laws, my Mom would keep on calling me at 3 or 4 at night. Even though I explained to her a million tims how she has to do the time difference thing...and then she bitched at me for never picking up (I always put my phone on vibrate only at night.)

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I'm going to say YDI for ignoring your mother, only because he said "if you ignore her long enough" so obviously he had been doing it for a while

#59: dude it was some1 knocking at 3am. for all he knew it could have been a total stranger. *wakes up cuz of annoying knocking.* *looks at clock.* 3am!?!?!?!? oh it must be mother..............

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78, I think he was saying it was the cops. My mother kept calling me at inconvenient times and I couldn't answer. She then sent a text asking if everything was okay because she hadn't heard from me since sunday. this was wednesday and we regularly go without talking for a month.

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dude, it's your mom. of course she's gonna worry about you.. the real FML would be if she DIDN'T worry about you

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I agree, if she didn't do anything you would probably have wrote about how your life is ****** cause your mom doesn't care about you. She is your mom, you shouldn't ignore her!

not really. it'd be nice if i could go more than a week without my mom pestering me about some insipid bullshit. although i'm guessing at some point OP's mom asked if he was okay, in which case he should have given her a quick "i'm fine" before continuing to ignore her.

My life got a lot less stressful when my mom stopped worrying about me. Freedom tastes like sweet delicious nectar.

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No. He's just a tool. He better pay attention to his mom.

Well, don't ignore your mom. That's pretty easy, right?

When did she call the cops? Why would they show up at 3am? I mean, if you were really dead, you'd still be dead, at lets say... Nine. In the afternoon. (;

Nine in the afternoon? They have one of those? That must be like these fabled "Sunday mornings" I have heard of but never experienced.

It's sorta like, eight days a week. Sunday mornings remind me too much of Veggie Tales. x-x

Oh, I didn't think anyone was going to get it! Thank you #57. And #5. (Unless #57 was referring to Veggie Tales. I was referring to Nine In The Afternoon. It made my day, redbluegreen.) OP: Your mother sounds like an overprotective one. Very. She went to great lengths to make sure you were safe. Show some love for your caring mother.

Yes, I was referring to Nine in the Afternoon. I'm glad someone got it and that I made your day HeyLady42. :D

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Maybe you're dead and don't know it? haha, pretty overprotective.

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Yeah, moms are like that. Which is why, if my mom calls, I at least pick up and say "I'm alive, gotta go."

Also I agree with the first comment, Some parents don't even give a shit about their kids. And some kids don't even have a mom. So be grateful for your overprotected mum

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Normally I hate these random YDI trolls but that one was hilarious.

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At least he has a door. My bedroom dosnt have door. I have a flag. Yay.

you r right. that was infact the original problem...