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Today, I called my dad to ask why my university tuition had not been paid. He said that my school was "too expensive" and he "couldn't afford it." He then asked me if I would take in his mail while he was away. He was taking his new wife to Hawaii; apparently it's beautiful this time of year. FML
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FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. It's the same argument every two posts! Do you REALLY THINK that it's SO EASY to pay for college yourself, in THIS economy? Are you REALLY?! THAT?! SLOW?! In regards to the earlier comment about college isn't for everyone, damn straight - it's not for people who think it's so easy to do things totally by yourself! Does that make you a moocher? No! You have to find a BALANCE - which sometimes includes your parents helping you out with college. If you're one of the lucky few who found a decent job in this economy, well Effing good for you - go brag about it to someone who gives a damn...or else quit and give it to someone decent enough to deserve it. As for the OP - Damn...that DOES suck. When you find a way out of this (WHEN, not IF, because anyone who cares this much about college definitely has what it takes to make it), move on, and don't look back at him, and when he blows all his money on his new wife, let 'em starve. Good luck.

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Who said OP didn't already have a job? He probably pays for his own food, books, etc. And there is a chance that his dad offered to pay instead of OP just expecting it.. Yes, he could pay for college himself, but his dad should have at least warned him before hand. That's just a dick move to discontinue payment without giving him time to save up the money.


what an asshole, well at least hes being nice to his wife lol first

Shouldn't be his responsibility to put his kid through college. My parents paid for their school, and I'm damn sure paying for mine. FYL for being spoiled and dependent. And

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I'm glad you find the fact that the OPs Dad values the life of some blonde bimbo over that of his own flesh and blood morally sound #98.

it's not being spoiled. try blessed or just secure my parents feel it's their obligation and you seem to feel bitter. sucks for you but lighten up. us 'spoiled' people don't name call when were jealous.

I hardly think the "responsibility" is what's in question here. Obviously OP's dad had said he would pay the bill, then bailed at the last minute. It may not be his responsibility to pay, but it is his responsibility not to be a douche.

Your life sucks. When you dad gets back, kick him in the balls so he won't reproduce anymore. And tell him just to spend money on your college instead of another child. :D

I'm in Hawaii. I could kick him in the balls for you!

Also, Hawaii is very nice this time of year.

I think the point here is that his Dad left him to believe that college would be paid for instead of telling him early enough that this semester he needs to pay for himself... -_-

You should be grateful that your dad would even consider paying. most people dont get that oportunity and have to pay themselves. get a job and stop being so selfish.

Do you live in a horrible land where logic has no meaning? School is more important than vacations. His dad's being selfish. You need to shut up and think about what kind of crap you post on here.

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you are a moron. The OP isn't being selfish just because his dad was paying the tuition bill and then decided not to. its already october, so wtf is the OP going to do now for money? he might even get kicked out of college. his dad screwed him over. college tuition isn't "tee hee okay daddy i'll get a part time job at starbucks to pay my tuition!" no kid, it doesn't work that way. I really hate when high schoolers try to give advice to older people when they have no clue what they're talking about.

It sucks that his dad isn't paying. That's a lot of money to come up with, I would know, I pay for most of my own tuition. But it's not his dad's obligation to pay for his college, his dad deserves a vacation after spending the tens of thousands it takes to raise a kid to 18.

He's being selfish? his father is the selfish one. If common sense is so 'common', why is it that so many people don't have it?

I'm a teenager in college who works 30 hours a week and still can't afford school. This person is obviously trying to better their life so they don't depend on their parents forever, and parenting is for life. Not just until they're 18. He needs to take responsibility for his kid, and at least help a little.

The problem with his dad is the suddenness of it, and the fact that he obviously does have money. So he's just deciding to screw with his son just for the heck of it. If his dad had told him from the beginning that he shouldn't expect financial support, then it's not the dad's fault. But obviously the dad had made a commitment of some kind and decided to just suddenly break it.

You don't know what kind of deal he had with his Dad. My parents told me that as long as I'm keeping my grades at a certain level my tuition will be paid for by them and I only have to cover other expenses like my phone bill, books, etc. I plan on paying them back once I have my M.A. and start working full time, but they don't expect me to.

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sofad15 How do you know OP didn't help? There is more to college cost than just tuition. Room+board, and food if you have to stay on campus. Rent and utilities if you have to stay off campus in an apartment. OP clearly doesn't live at home since they called their dad and had no idea of Dad's plans. Tons of different fees for different things. There are books to buy usually worth over 100 dollars each. I bought mine second hand for the cheapest I could find and still spent $250 and I'm only taking two classes at the moment. Honestly, tuition is one of the smaller costs when you add all the rest of everything up.

College is not something everyone can easily pay for on their own not to mention, from the sound of this post, OP's father had previously agreed to pay for the tuition costs and failed to do so at all How would you feel if someone promised to assist you by covering an expense you couldn't handle at the monent and bailed at the last monent?

Oooo. Your dads an ass. He would rather take his wife somewhere rather than you get to go to school. Im sorry

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wow that sucks. But your lucky to be away from that hypocrite atleast.

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How about you pay for your own?

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It's clearly that easy. Clearly.

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Bull shit #7, college is so expensive these days, you pay for it...

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#31 - ive been paying for my college on my own. granted, i'm going to community college, but i'm working a part-time job that is over 30 miles away just to get there and then 30 miles coming back. so most of my check goes to gas money. rather than expecting his dad to pay for it all (even if he offered), he should have some means or plan to at least help out when he can instead of keeping a financial burden on his father. #20 - i agree with you completely

The jackasses saying that he should get a job and pay for it himself need to shut up. It's clear that his dad had been paying for it before and had made a commitment to pay for this year too. If the dad had at least made the effort of telling the kid beforehand that he wasn't paying then the he could have prepared for it by getting a job, loans or aid of some sort. Getting a $50 000 fee dumped on you in October without any warning isn't fair however you look at it. The dad is a tool EOM.

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Community college tuition is nothing compared to having to pay thousands each semester.

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Why would he expect his dad to pay tuition all the time? If I were dad, i would personally chose to go to Hawaii instead of paying my son's bills. Shit, why sacrifice your life for someone who will bitch and take everything for granted anyway? Yes, college education is expensive, but how about trying to get a scholarship, or find a job, take loans, whatever it takes?

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You are a selfish person that shouldn't be a parent. You would probably be crying if this happened to you. The boy actually wants to have a life for himself which his father already has. He is responsible for he boy and obviously broke his promise by not paying. Even if he went to a state school, being suddenly told by the school that your father refused to pay equals a lot of debt. The father also may have potentially screwed his kid's credit score if there were loans involved.

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Sure, is easy to be good enough at something to get a scholarship that's enough money to make any difference, easy to find a job that pays the money, and easy to pay back the loans. If OP's going to a good college and not just a community college, it's going to be more than those can help.

Actually not a lot of people have to pay for college themselves. Their parents normally always help them. YDI

Wait, how is it a "YDI" if parents "normally always help them?"

most people here on Australia get a job and a loan...

Take in his mail... meaning you have a key... so yea. HOUSE P A R T Y to raise tuition $$!!!!!

Pay for your own college you spoiled twat.

I'll bet money you've never had to pay tuition yourself.

your bitter #10! why can't people just have compassion for others