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Today, my boyfriend and I were planning how to spend the day together. When I suggested we start off with some fun in bed, then get some pizza and play his favorite video game, he sighed, "Can't we just go straight to gaming?" FML
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#13- Can't tell if you're joking or not, but just in case you're not, not all guys are horndogs constantly. It's not that big of a deal for a guy to turn down sex. Just like some women have very high sex drives, some men aren't constantly craving it. If you were jokingly saying that, my apologies; this comment then goes to anyone who actually believes that all men want sex 24/7. ;)

  samimcCune  |  15

i agree, all men do not want sex 100% of the time. and they are very much allowed, especially with as much as we turn them down. is it very much possible for a man to get sick of sex. they DON'T All AND Always go up, Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone or Anything. and us women do NOT have to freak out, and think..., actually, over think, that it's us, or we're unattractive, or they're cheating or any of the 100 reasons we find to blame ourselves, and then get mad at them for "making us blame ourselves" or whatever reason it is we find to blame them for "making us feel this way," when most of the time, it's us over thinking, reacting, and over doing it all...cause we're just all crazy and there's no point in even denying it, we know it, they know it, the transexuals know it, even the hemaphrodites know it. and it's not just us, all the things that know we're crazy is only because it takes one to know one... heh hehe we're all fucking crazy, humans, lions, tigers and bears :) no shame in hiding it.

  Wimoweh  |  10

No, what happens is that one hires a masseuse from the Swiss alps, who then comes down to your house and gently kneads flour over your food, no matter what it is. While he/she's kneading the flour, the proper way to engage in the massage is to question the masseuse about Lisa, to which the masseuse will say he/she never met a Lisa. You must keep pressing them until they answer. Once they do, immediately neck-chop the masseuse, who will appear to be unconscious. Pretend to eat the food, but right when you're about to bite, turn around and throw the food, which will hit the actually conscious and standing behind you with a tuna can masseuse. The masseuse will then vanish, leaving a plate with your food on the floor where they were seconds ago. You'll notice the food is glittery. That is normal. Wait a few minutes till it looks normal again, and enjoy, the food massage is now over. That, is what a food massage is.

  wlddog  |  14

I applaud your overly active imagination 178.

It feels like I was on a journey through alice and wonderland, and at any minute that crazy white rabbit was gonna appear.

  s0m3guy2010  |  21

I've tried role playing as a prefect, but there are way too many rules when posing as a high ranking official. No wonder OP's boyfriend wants to skip to gaming if that were the case.

  JACKxRAWR  |  22

If I'm buying a ball I normally go to sporting-goods stores. Anyway, what's wrong with wanting to play the vidya games instead of bang your girlfriend? Maybe the guy wanted a break.


As a gamer I would still have sex before I chose the game. Even if I had just bought a brand new game that I had been waiting forever to get. It will still be there to play in an hour. Plus then the other has less energy to scream in your ear if you do something wrong and you are realxed. Win win.