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Today, I borrowed my dad's laptop to type an essay. While I was saving it, I noticed some curious looking files and I opened them. They were rejection letters from all the colleges I had applied to. My dad had been forging them so he wouldn't have to pay for my tuition bills. FML
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Asshole, he should of told you he couldn't afford them so you had time to get a job and to apply for some scholarships. Sorry that your dad is a coward and a selfish bastard (assuming he didn't just lost his job) but then he wouldn't have enough time to forge them. pre-meditated bastardness.

dick move! does he not want you to go to school and be successful?


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First!!! Wow, that's ****** up by ur dad.

OMG YOUR FIRST GREAT ******* JOB BURN IN A ******* HELL HOLE As per usual, opinions greatly appreciated

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His dad is approaching it the wrong way. If he doesn't want to pay then he should just tell the OP and be done with it. Parents pay for college only if they want to. Let the OP get his letters of acceptance and if the dad doesn't want to pay let the OP figure it out.

YDI for going through your dad's private files, you need a good spanking.

lets see.. if he forged rejection letters, that would mean you have the names of the colleges you were accepted into.. face it.. he aint going to write a rejection letter for a place that rejected you is he.. call the colleges that he wrote the rejection letters for :P

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anyone who is a troll doesn't really admit to being a troll. You just made yourself look lame 'YDI FOR HAVING A LAPTOP' from "1_AM_A_TROLL_HOE" Fail, my friend, epic fail.

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Exactly. How ******* shitty of the dad. That's her future... And he's bitching just about some tuition fees? God help those who seriously have ****** up parents.

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YDI for being too poor to afford tuiton

Agreed just because your his kid doesn't mean he has to pay for your college. Trust me my parents bought a lake house instead of helping me with school.

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he didn't even have a laptop you retard

Agreed with 53, but FYL for having a douchebag father. Seriously, what the ****. My father's a real **** himself, but he'd never do that. In fact, he's been bitching me right the **** out all summer for not going to college... except I am and I was accepted and have an orientation next Monday... and he still bitches.... I don't understand either. But at least he's not like your dad! FYL indeed!

Probably way too late. If these letters were part of the normal application cycle OP had until May, June at the latest to respond. That ******* sucks.

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YDI for going to a college that costs money

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Why does that make his dad the many obscene words used to describe him? If you're not going to pay for college, at least be reasonable on the college that you're making him pay for. I'm going to say YDI, sorry.

Lady, are you serious? This isn't about her dad not paying her tuition. It's about her dad screwing her over by writing fake rejection letters to colleges she applied to! OP, I am very Very sorry for you. My parents are the exact opposite. It's "You're going to college or ending up on the streets" for me.

Bitching about "just some tuition fees"?!! i agree that this guy was a duche, but to comment like that you must have grown up with a silver f*cking spoon in your mouth. I'll bet your mommy and daddy paid for your first car too. GFY!

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YDI for not noticing sooner.

Did you even read the FML at all? No where did it say that the OP asked their dad to pay for college. They just found forged rejection letters written by the dad. Therefore, that makes the dad an asshole.

how tf would she know if its real or not?

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You should fake a phone call from his boss telling him he got fired. Seriously, though your dad is horrible. Go to the most expensive college you can get in and milk him for all he's worth!

#5, an acceptance letter isn't your ticket to school. It's just a courtesy to let you know you were admitted.

dick move! does he not want you to go to school and be successful?

#3- Going to school does not make someone successful.

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Actually, it's been shown that college graduates will earn more over their lifetime than people with only a high school diploma. So, to be technical, college students will be more successful than non-students.

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He still should have told you, cowards don't have excuses.

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Actually, they have plenty. They try their hardest to justify everything.

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Asshole, he should of told you he couldn't afford them so you had time to get a job and to apply for some scholarships. Sorry that your dad is a coward and a selfish bastard (assuming he didn't just lost his job) but then he wouldn't have enough time to forge them. pre-meditated bastardness.

Even if he lost his job, that's not okay. In that situation, the right thing to do would be to explain to you that there is a money problem, and that he needs your help to pay, or you might have to wait a little while to go at worst. But to make you feel like a failure, and deny both your chance at a future and your hope for one makes him a worthless bastard. Talk to your mom, make him pay through the teeth for school, and then never speak to him again. My Dad is a cheap jerk, but he is still paying for my school, and certainly didn't fake rejections. I think he even still has my letters.

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Dude, if your dad is paying for your school then why are you acting like a dick towards him (That's how you sound, no offense) . And his dad is kind of approaching it the wrong way. He should at least let the kid get is acceptance letters and let him pay. There is no rule that says "Parents pay for College". It is a gift from your parents not a mandatory need for your life. Be grateful your parents pay for your school.

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I never said that it was the responsibIlity of the parent but I did say that he should get a job to pay for it if his dad wasn't going to. If OP was assuming that his dad was going to pay his school then his dad had the responsibIlity to tell the kid he had to pay. In this society at least most kids get money from their parents to get higher education and have a better life than their parents. That is the American dream. Assuming OP is from the US. Idk what other cultures are like for parents paying for college ect.

asian comunities, i know theres sterotypes like asian people are cheap but they spend all the money they saved on theirs kids education. most do anyway.

Has no one heard of student loans? You don't think everyone has their parents splash out loads on college/university fees? They're a complete pain to pay off though.

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You are right, invest in those while our economy is still failing.

Student loans are only worth it, IMHO, if you're dead certain that you'll be going into a field that involves making a lot of money. I've got a friend with a degree who works at Starbucks because there are way more people with her degree than jobs involving it, if her parents hadn't paid for her school then she would not be enjoying paying those loans back. Personally, I was having no trouble paying mine off, as a programmer, until I got laid off. >.< It helped that my parents are poor and thus I had good loans, as well as a couple of grants, available to me, though. I know some others who have worked full-time, only taking as many classes as they could afford a given semester. Sure, they took longer to graduate, but they didn't have loans to worry about.

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That is reallyy effed up. What kkind of dad does that??

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I think they call that 'unconditional love'

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hes not a very good dad... he should care about ur future..not want to mess it up by lying to you.. **** your life.

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I would have probly hate him for a while. Not a very good dad move. F your life