By Thesuz - 06/09/2013 03:27 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, my neighbour was practicing his opera singing, drunk. FML
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Should've recorded him

I imagine his voice was very high pitched, scratchy, and off key. Your poor ears!


Should've recorded him

Next one direction star

Record and post it on youtube. For all you know it might become viral hit!

It could be a new #1 hit for all OP knows!

Next thing we know, there might be a FML from the said neighbour's point of view.

lets hope that op has a camera

The only way to get good drunk is to practice drunk.

And the reason for opera singing drunk is...?

...self pity drinking? You know, the people who drink and get all sad because they didn't follow their dreams and hate their lives. Or someone dared them and, being drunk, they didn't say no.

Maybe they enjoy opera singing?

I imagine his voice was very high pitched, scratchy, and off key. Your poor ears!

I was actually empathizing with op. meaning it has to be really irritating to listen ti someone singing opera drunk. Thanks for the thumbs down guys!!

No problems! (Even though you only got -1 thumbs down...)

Maybe if OP gets drunk as well, he can have a pair of beer muffs to block out the singing. They also match wonderfully with a set of beer goggles!

Lol 24 i had way more than one thumbs down, its changed in the meantime. Nice profile pic by the way, now I crave cupcakes.

You should practice calling in a noise complaint.

My neighbors karaoke...every weekend while drunk. For hours.

Psh, though not every weekend and usually not drunk, so do I. ;) Join them, it's actually a lot of fun! :)

Now I get that sucks, but one day and your drunk neighbour opera singing isn't bad at all, get over it it's not affecting your life, call the cops, noise complaint.

Kinda reminds me of that Family Guy episode where Peter can play the piano perfectly when intoxicated. Except in this case, I'm assuming this guy ain't doing too good singing intoxicated.

Jean Luc, put some clothes on and head over to sick bay. You're drunk.

omfg that was awesome.

Sing along. Then at least you can say you sang just as good as an opera singer.

Or even better.

Totally would've made a YouTube hit.

did he sound any better than usual? I know a few people who sound amazing while drunk .

I'm imagining him singing like a whale or a dying cat