By PissedbythePiper - 11/09/2012 06:11 - United States - Saukville

Today, after my annoying neighbor who used to spend hours playing the cello in the apartment below me finally moved out, I found out that I have a new musical neighbor moving in. This fellow plays the bagpipes. FML
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You can only love "music" so much. Just speak to your new neighbor and if he/she isn't a douche they'll be considerate. Otherwise, fyl indeed.

It could be worse, they could have a huge gong like my previous neighbors above me had. I think everyone who came to their apartment during their many parties had to have a go at it! :(

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Sorry but the bagpipes are just not enjoyable.

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When I went to a camp at st johns university this summer I woke up at 4am hearing my roommate playing the bagpipes. I feel you OP

37- You haven't heard of the Badpiper, have you? He makes the bagpipes awesome.

U37- I actually quite enjoy the sound of bagpipes.

OP, ask him to get either a "practice chanter" or a set of "Uilleann pipes" instead, both of which produce a similar but quieter sound. if he's any good he should at least have a practice chanter.

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My band teacher told me that I can blow a horn real good.

Well I hope you've heard a joke captain obvious

Out of the fire place and into the furnace, sucks to be you OP

Lots and lots of earplugs can only help you at this point, my friend.

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You can cut a whole in the bagpipes.

No, you can't. You can't cut a hole, either, as that would be illegal.

Your comment reminded me of Lots and Lots of Trains. "Big plugs, small plugs, even plugs that plow through wax!"

Can you not just go ask them polietly to not play at odd times of the day?

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Which would work if you explained the bulge in your pants doesn't mean "I'm happy to see you," but instead is a .44 Magnum.

Im from four years into the future, and i can tell you the bulge was not a .44 magnum. On a related note, the bagpiper is now happily married to o.p. Didn't see that coming.

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I think you should team up with him. Put on a scottish skirt and dance for peanuts OP :)

why would he wear a skirt if he's a man trying to look Scottish? We don't wear skirts here we wear kilts (or feilidh beag if you want the actual name for them).

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Your reply deeply offends me being half Scottish and half Irish. We Scott's don't wear skirts, skirts are for girls, we wear kilts, which are for men.

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Kilts are badass. If it were socially acceptable, I would wear one everyday. (Proud to be Scottish.)

The only reasonable solution: Buy a trumpet.

As the old saying goes, if you can't beat em', join em'.

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Or a Rebecca black cd and a decent stereo system lol

Assisting suicide is illegal in most states, fellas... OP is sure to get arrested after every neighbor in hearing distance kills themselves.

Maybe ask him politely to minimize the noise?

#88 He can use silencers on the ends of the pipes or just practise the chanter.

It's more annoying when your downstairs neighbour develops an insatiable appetite for one Lady Gaga song and plays it loudly on repeat all evening til 11pm and all weekend for 6 weekends and counting.

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Oh. My. God. I'd shoot myself. I really would.

Nah, just go to the electricals and shut off the power to his unit. No need for violence

This apartment doesn't happen to have a drummer and opera singer in it, does it?