By BowTiesAr3Cool - 25/12/2014 16:36 - United States - Irving

Today, the kid who who lives next door and shares a bedroom wall with me got a drum set for Christmas. FML
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Get an electric guitar and drown him out!

buy him drum lessons for christmas... at least make it good noise.


Get an electric guitar and drown him out!

Buy huge speakers and make his noise seem like a mouse is making it!

Give it a month or two, he'll probably get bored easily if he's not taking lessons. If he is, then hopefully soon he'll sound good and it'll be pretty chill. If all else fails, soundproof the room with cushions and what nots, look up what's best for soundproofing. Pillows and other cushion like materials muffle sound, it's why theaters and some schools have that kind of material on the walls. You can probably find a cheap way of doing this.

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I never took lessons, I've been playing drums for seven years and have never once gotten bored. In fact I would have been more bored and much worse if I had taken lessons. I'm much better at learning things on my own.

I feel bad for anyone who lives in their mediate facility.


# 1 all OP needs then is a really big amp. ;) OP, I am a drummer and know the boundaries on them, talk to your landlord? ?

I was going to say something along the lines of that. Well, I was going to say, get an electric guitar and jam with him

That's way easier said than done. And if OP is sharing a wall with another person, they're almost definitely in an apartment building, so OP would likely have to get permission from a landlord to even consider taking on such a project.

Pillows and blankets. Anything soft or some kind of cushion works for sound proofing.

Yeah I think not. You obviously haven't lived in loud apartments before.

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Most kids who start an instrument fizzle out and lose interest after a couple of weeks. Trust me, it won't be too bad after all. In the meantime, invest in some earplugs for the terrible affliction that has been imposed upon you.

Unless of course they actually enjoy the instrument and it becomes a hobby

Then they'll get really good because of all the practice they're getting and it'll be enjoyable to listen to it. Only problem is if they're playing them when someone's trying to sleep/do homework etc.

lies lies lies not i started drumming since the fith grade

hope you got some good headphones for christmas!

When they are sleeping STEAL IT. kidding just pull up your big girl panties and deal with it

I'm pretty sure it's not up to her to stop his drumming. Committing a chargeable offence doesn't seem like a bright idea.

buy him drum lessons for christmas... at least make it good noise.

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Steal all his drum sticks and or mallets.

Wow, that sucks. Hopefully he'll be respectful enough about the time of day that he plays it.