By aru9 - 12/09/2011 19:25 - United States

Today, I met an old friend from high school and his hot girlfriend. I jokingly said she must be blind to go out with him. His response: "Yeah, she is." FML
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LiveLaughFML 10

"you must be blind to be going out with him." "yeah, she is." *nervous chuckle* "I mean, what does she see in y--" "wait--no,"


Shouldn't OP have been able to tell she was blind?

LiveLaughFML 10

"you must be blind to be going out with him." "yeah, she is." *nervous chuckle* "I mean, what does she see in y--" "wait--no,"

Yeah, the blind just give off this sense of blindness at a first glance.

Marcella1016 31

Anyone else see that it was more ****** up for his friend than the blind chick? I mean, it's actually TRUE that a chick that hot had to be blind to go out with him lmfao After that douchey statement, his self esteem must be shot to hell...

madskittlesftw 5

I hope she hit op with her cane.

How can't you tell she's blind???? U met her in person...

I'd just like to say that 3 has the same picture as me.

How does being in a certain state make the OP likely to make a mistake like that? Wait, you're an idiot. Nevermind. Back on track, sometimes people couldn't tell if one is blind if they assume his or her eyes are just light blue or grey. Not you being a dick, OP.

stacianichole 2

Jesus Christ, I simply explained why New Jersey now has a bad reputation.

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

OP-"She must be blind to be going out with you!" Friend-"yeah, she is.." OP-"Oh, I see. Well it was nice catching up with you. Ma'am I hope you'll pardon this encounter with the late (OP's name here). I am going to go run with scissors in traffic. Good day to you." OP don't expect a Christmas card from him this year.

I started it.... and you got blamed. Sorry about "Mitch the Dick".

Mitch the big dick Connor. Get it right, at least.

Your all blaming op like he was making fun of her. He didn't know, maybe she was wearing what looked like sunglasses, or no glasses and just seemed pretty normal.

Bekeliyr 10

unless she's wearing a bunch of make-up, sunglasses, or contacts then maybe....

"you must be blind to go out with him." "yeah she is." *nervous chuckle*...."sooo.. was it love at first sigh-.., shit!"

xxxlovesENEMYxxx 0

will everybody get off of his ass?? op didn't know

They do say you can be blinded from reality from love.

22 That was the only comment where people make dialogue out of an FML that I found really funny. Good job *applause*

I bet guys wish there were a lot more hot blind girls in the world...

Marcella1016 31

I agree with 102. Its not like OP did it on purpose. I'm sure everyone who said he deserved it says stuff like that all the time.

MagicGiraffe 12

OP never said anything about her being deaf

If ops friend is Justin Beiber then we can only assume...

If ops friend is Justin Beiber then we can only assume...

I see what you did there... Wait a second...

I have no clue what his comments mean. Is it relate to a movie?

TripleJumpMan 0

Ok when I read this I lol'd a little bit

13FTW 9

This comment is the reason the world still exists and I am so very much appreciative you took the time time and effort to post it.

ashbaby2014 5

You really can't spell out the words? Your worse than my sister who can't spell

Wheresmysandwich 3

you should've seen the look on your face... too bad she can't.

Buttsexpirate 9

For some reason, this reminds me of the girlfriend of the toxic avenger from the first movie.

fakeaccountX 6

I'll bet you wished he were deaf after that...

A clearer thinker would wish that she was deaf.

RecklessJellyBea 7
leadman1989 15

Too bad she didn't have her seeing eye dog with her "GET HIM! sprinkles" In this case sprinkles is a 100 pound German Shepard.

I don't see how people could thumb this down. I ******* laughed my ass off!

leadman1989 15

Thanks. A lot of the times I know when I'm saying something dickish that will get thumbed down but this one took me by surprise. I think they took it the wrong way. Also your picture makes me wanna laugh every time I see it. XD

I thumbed it down beause I am genuinely afraid of big dogs.

Xxlaurahatakexx 9

Lol! How do people not like this?