By shit Music - / Thursday 30 June 2016 07:32 / Slovenia - Ljubljana
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  PhoenixSenpai  |  11

Actually, as a violinist, I can say eight hours of rehearsal is necessary sometimes if the group is having trouble with the piece. Though I admire their dedication, they should have sound proofed their rehearsal area with foam. It would've preserved quality, cut reverb, and been less of a nuisance to neighbors.

By  anonymoususer070  |  17

Maybe ask a coworker who's leaving if you can borrow some or on your lunch break you can run to a gas station or somewhere and buy a cheap pair just to keep there. And who knows maybe they'll surprise you and it'll be a good song or they'll start writing a new one. At worst be grateful it's only one shift! Best of luck!


Today, I decided to try LSD with a few friends in a safe environment. As an artist, I had planned to spend my trip doing psychedelic paintings and had all my supplies set up. Apparently I spent most of my time in fetal position muttering about the "evil easel" and never even touched my canvas. FML

By oldshitnewshit / Tuesday 22 October 2013 21:11 / United States
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