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Keep it down

Today, it's the second week into my new neighbors' routine. He works nights, she works days. He likes to blast out Slayer and Napalm Death all day, she likes to drunkenly sing out of tune to Adele all night. I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown. FML
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  brianjman14  |  22

Napalm Death and Slayer, I'm ok with, but I can't listen to Adele. I'm more into Melodic, Viking, and Folk Metal.

OP, tell him to start listening to some Children of Bodom!

  xoconnie  |  8

hmm, i'd say something to them. kindly knock on their door once during the day... once during the night.. and say "hey would u mind keeping it down or lowering the volume. thanks!". its worth the try dude!

  godofcyanide  |  8

Slayer's one of my favorite bands... and one of the greatest bands ever. YDI, OP... Your neighbor is sharing some great sounds with you... during the day. But call the cops on the wife. It's nightly torture and must stop. :)

  ZebcoGirl  |  0

The neighbors should be sleeping right? If the guy is working nights he should be sleeping during the day.. But I guess at least he is playing good music.

By  Glockinator  |  2

Hahahahahhahaha this sounds like my neighbor could be writing this about me... Only I don't sing Adele while drunk... But he's nights I'm day and that's our music. Wish it was us in this but we are the quiet ones and he is loud so it's not. Plus I'm from Ohio