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By Help - 26/11/2011 06:03 - United States

Today, it's the second week into my new neighbors' routine. He works nights, she works days. He likes to blast out Slayer and Napalm Death all day, she likes to drunkenly sing out of tune to Adele all night. I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown. FML
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wow I love napalm death and slayer and Adele!!

Try talking to them? Maybe they don't know how loud they are being.


wow I love napalm death and slayer and Adele!!

Sing along to Adele and start crying thinking about your ex.

I like Slayer and Adele is okay with me But I Fucking love Napalm Death

Have loud sex when they stop singin' that'll teach'em.

Same here, not really into napalm death cuz barney's growls are weird but slayer is the shit!!!

Napalm Death and Slayer, I'm ok with, but I can't listen to Adele. I'm more into Melodic, Viking, and Folk Metal. OP, tell him to start listening to some Children of Bodom!

Music I listened to back in grade school, but all hearing them all day as a third party is awful.

Motionless in White is where it's at!!!!

Ya'll are nuts. Wiggles is where its at.

xoconnie 8

hmm, i'd say something to them. kindly knock on their door once during the day... once during the night.. and say "hey would u mind keeping it down or lowering the volume. thanks!". its worth the try dude!

godofcyanide 8

Slayer's one of my favorite bands... and one of the greatest bands ever. YDI, OP... Your neighbor is sharing some great sounds with you... during the day. But call the cops on the wife. It's nightly torture and must stop. :)

Loudly sing some really obnoxious explicit music and see what happens!

ZebcoGirl 0

The neighbors should be sleeping right? If the guy is working nights he should be sleeping during the day.. But I guess at least he is playing good music.


Fucking MIW!!!!! XD If it wasn't for Motionless, I wouldn't have my band :) OP, tell your Neighbour to put on some Kuza

hi nieghbor lol jk

13FTW 9

Neighbor* I don't get the purpose of your comment, sir.

If roughly translated from moron to english, it translates to "I'm an idiot that wanted to be first".

Try talking to them? Maybe they don't know how loud they are being.

22cute 17

Right, then call the super or landlord if it doesn't stop.

Talk to them and ask if they can do that at the same time Slayer+Adele while drunk sounds hilarious.

xxkimmyt 9

o-o thats just......

Hey hey, don't leave me hanging here!

4- what is it like? Too much suspense...

Glockinator 2

Hahahahahhahaha this sounds like my neighbor could be writing this about me... Only I don't sing Adele while drunk... But he's nights I'm day and that's our music. Wish it was us in this but we are the quiet ones and he is loud so it's not. Plus I'm from Ohio

What the hell was the point in any of this?

cool story bro.

Either really bad troll, Or really weird chick.

McAninch35 9

^quite possibly both.

xoconnie 8

seriously. pic is a little creepy too. im not trying to be mean tho!

Glockinator 2

It's both and yes it is. No worries on being mean....... It's an app. Anyone who basis their life off opinions of people on a site need help

If you weren't from Ohio things would've turned out so much differently!

Obviously it's an excerpt from her latest book, "He Works Nights and I Work Days." A pointless tale that fails to impress. :)

By the second week, you should be used to it!

linkinpark98 23

Wow..... Hey, at least they are all great artists! :) (Trying to see the positive side of thr situation..)

thebaconweave 0

Want to counter it? Blair Rebecca Black. But then again that's torture for you. Sorry buddy you're on your own.

Buy earplugs and listen to "live" Miley Cyrus tracks

How will self torture help?

83- I definitely agree. Torture isn't meant to be two sided!

So that's where my old neighbours went!

SLAYER!! ANGEL OF DEATH! adele sucks though.

Fck u! Adele's classic! Even grandmas say so!!! (and thats really saying something)

Slayer is freakin amazing!

Now watch as Adele's followers frantically thumb down this comment.

Who the hell is Adele and why do so many people seem to like it an thumb this down? Slayer is awesome!

77- who the hell are you? She's obviously a musician as you can tell if you have read any comment on this thread..

40-Im not a follower i just like rolling in the deep. Also i read some old peoples youtube comments. ;)

koolkat27 13

adele is overrated and that stupid rolling in the deep song is sooo overplayed!

and how is slayer NOT classic? was Adele around in the 80's??