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Today, I learned that, since getting my tongue ring, it has become imprudent to test 9-volt batteries with my tongue. FML
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ouch! But you could have thought of that yourself.

that's amazing, you're a shit for brains


ouch! But you could have thought of that yourself.

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that sucks and hurts. plus, your bunny isn't attractive

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.-. why are you putting things in your mouth

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You find other bunnies attractive?

Aww I'm sorry that you got your hopes up for pictures of half naked girls and all you got was a bunny. Maybe you should try a dating website. Thanks #22, I'll tell him when I get home :)

Ha ha that's how I test batteries too! Luckily when I had my tongue pierced I didn't come across any batteries that needed testing lol

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you should test a 12 volt car battery with your tongue, see what happens ;)

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i agree with 22, it's kinda cute. =)

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is testing them a bad thing?

wow holy good god you have no brains. let me gets tons of metal things attached to my dick and see if getting a hand job will feel any good

I think your bunny is cute too :) Whats wrong with you people? Picking on a cute little animal for absolutely no reason?

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I feel for you OP. To everyone else, apparently you're all perfect and never accidently made a careless mistake, especially in a habitual routine. Please.. go to an island, all to yourselves, so your pure and perfect bloodlines not be corrupted by us mere -humans-.

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I have a really cute bunny!

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damn #52, you are waaaaay too compassionate for this site. see, here we call people stupid when they act stupid. and mixing metal with electricity is not a mistake, it's stupid. the battery didn't fall on his tongue, he put it there because once again, he is...anyone? anyone?...stupid

metal, WATER and electricity. it's like a frankenstein waiting to happen.

ydi for piercing your damn inside of your mouth. earings and belly button rings are most acceptable IMO any other place is just...ugh

next time, try sticking your tongue ring in the thing you plug cords into ;)

Why is everyone talking about a bunny?! OP... Use some common senseee!

op do the world favor and pierce your brain with a bullet :)

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Op didn't your mom ever tell you not to put things in your mouth?

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74, because #1 is a picture of a bunny, and people said it was ugly... Also you look a lot like a friend of mine. o.0

How did your hockey game go coconuts!!?

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@76 I'd say that lesson was lost on him (her?). Isn't a tongue ring used to heighten the pleasure of a BJ? I dare say the battery was not the first thing in his mouth.

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My hockey game was great... We were down 6-4 with a minute left in the third when I got one through the 5 hole with 53 seconds left.... And my buddy got one in with 7 seconds left to go to Overtime... In OT I scored the winning goal a few minutes in, it was a blast. We came back from being down 6-2 at the start of the third. :)

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Very good reference 46 : DD

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wow blue nuts that was the most bullshit hockey story ever no one is impressed that you can make up bullshit stories

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Your opponion is irrelevant.

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Sorry, comment I replied to was buried. :0

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83 I've heard that. Some say it makes it better, others say not so much. I think it depends on if you know what your doing. I think it's just another way to get a nasty infection:/

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Yay coconuts! Good job, I love watching games like that... it gets so intense!! The olympic game for the gold had my heart racing in OT! Congrats on the epic win! And #100 I care about his story so stfu and mind your business!

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How is that a bullshit hockey story? Because I scored twice? It wasn't even that impressive, it's not like we're in the pro's, none of us are that "amazing" we're just having fun.. I hardly made much of an inpact till then... Or are guys not allowed to play sports anymore unless you're in the NHL? Seriously... If I had been like "yeah, I scored 6 goals by myself and never left the ice because I'm that good, I would understand. Otherwise it sounds like you're just being a douche because it makes you feel better trying to be a "tough" guy on the Internet... And cukkey, I've been around.. Send me an e-mail, unless they're not going through again, then I dunno... I don't think I can PM you still.

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RELEASE TEH HOUNDS your bunny is ugly but I like your bunny so it's ugly but I like it.

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Ignore him Colin, he is jealous of your hockey skill! Congrats on the win! ;D

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^ Mr. Jobs, how awesome is the new iPhone going to be? I must know.

I think your bunny looks legit as **** :D

a bunny is a bunny. they all rock . because bunnies are just pimp like that.

if that picture is you, you are so pretty. and I don't mean that in a pervy stalkerish way, cause I'm a straight girl.

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lol thanks:) and yes it's really me. I have a little more color now tho so I'm not so white. that pic makes me look so pasty:/

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people never learn..... listen to ur mom when she says dont put shit in ur mouth the bunny is cute u all are trippin

26 just shit on all you ****** haters. Lynch yourselves now.

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you guys know 3 people die every year in Australia alone because they were licking batteries? it throws off your heart rythym. why would you want to lick a battery anyway?

Spermdump, your hair is amazing!!!! I've been wanting to dye my hair that colour for eons! (how badly do you think I'd have to fry my dark brown hair with bleach to get it that shade of blue?)

bunnys own. no exceptions. also, i'm relatively new to FML so I'm gonna have to ask... mercy, what's on ur head?

I would do terrible things to your bunny.

I've never had so many people visit my profile within twelve hours before!

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that's amazing, you're a shit for brains

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it's funny cuz it's true #3

I'm just wondering... what else does OP put in her mouth to test?

Never the less, that must have hurt like hell.

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the OP basicly electrocuted himself -.-

no because if he electrocuted himself, then he would be dead.

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Uhhh, electrocution is "execution by electricity".... isnt it??? and do be executed dont you have to die???

no u dont die by being electrocuted thts how some ppl r struck by lightning more than once it messes up ur nervous system dependin on the severity

Being SHOCKED without dying is not electrocution. It's just... getting electrified. Electrocution = ELECTRicity + exeCUTION Saying OP was electrocuted without dying is like saying he was executed without dying. If you don't die, it isn't execution. Get it?

Electrocution - the stopping of life (determined by a stopped heart) by any type of electric shock. You should maybe look up the definition of things before you speak. Now you just look stupid by making up your own meanings.

I admit I didn't word that correctly, so what I meant was not clear. I know not all electrocutions are executions-- very few are. A lot of electrocutions are simply accidents. But all electrocutions are *deaths*. That was the point I was trying to make. I used the -cution part of the word execution, because it helps people remember that it kills. It was meant as a memory aid, not a definition. I thought seeing the words broken down would help that guy way up there ^ realize what several people were trying to explain.

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: ( guess their google is broken???

I posted my comment at the same time as you Jane so I didn't intend that comment towards you. I was referring to the idiots who think that being shocked with electricity means being electrocuted. Unless your heart stops beating after the "shock", you have not been electrocuted.

66, 91, 109 - Well done, you can collect your fail from the lobby on the way out.

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stupid is as stupid does momma always said.

no shit, Sherlock. reply: damn you, Watson! I'M HIGH ON LIFE!!!

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@noshatsherlockk, Your nickname is: no shit, Sherlock. reply: damn you, Watson! I'M HIGH ON LIFE!!! #32 - On 05/17/2010 at 10:19am by lovesick4628 - reply Send a private message ??? Wonder how you got such a unique nickname.... ???

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that's hardcore we had to do that a few years ago I remember

You had to get your tongue pierced and lick batteries? Well, someone wants you dead.