By lectro - 23/11/2008 08:22 - France

Today, I swallowed the piercing that I had bought for my tongue yesterday. FML
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make sure you eat a lot or the sharp side will not come out smoothly! cheers

ugh having a toung peircing doesnt mean your a freaking ****! It's just another stupid stearotypes like 'blondes are stupid and pink is for girl' its stupid! And sad!! And dot you choke on the tounge peircing? Um bad luck sorry hope it...comes out soon...


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not the worst that could happen. you should have bought replacements.

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I don't know why this is thumbed down, it's true. Tongue studs can easily come unscrewed and get lost or swallowed, so you should always have backups just in case this happens. And if you do, then it's no big deal.

make sure you eat a lot or the sharp side will not come out smoothly! cheers

I've never swallowed one, and I've had mine done a year..

PerditaDessa 38

I have my tongue pierced twice, and have had them in for years, and have yet to swallow one but know people who do the day they get theirs done. It's different for everyone, but it's likely to happen to anyone who has their's pierced.

You might want to get some new jewelry. The back story for that peice would weird me out too much.

I've had mine for four years and I've never swallowed mine.

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having a tongue piercing doesn't mean the girl is a ****...

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12: I got my tongue pierced because I can wear a beautiful piece of blue synthetic opal in it. sure I've tried it on my boyfriend before but he said he pretty much can't feel it. does that make me want to abandon it? hell no. cuz that's not the most important thing to me. it's an awesome piercing and I don't ever plan on removing it. does that make me a ****?

People who say things like that really piss me off. I got my tongue pierced because 1) I was curious about it, 2) I wanted a new piercing, and 3) two of my favorite singers have tongue piercings and I think it looks cool when they sing, so I figured why not? I did not get it so I could "suck guys' dicks" and hate people telling me that's the only reason to do it.

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iv had mine for over a year and swallowed 4. it sucks. just an excuse to go get more =]

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tongue piercings dont necessarily make a girl a ****.....