By jcheer113 - United States
Today, while I was driving, I saw my driving instructor from high school walking on the sidewalk. As I waved to him, I rear-ended the car in front of me. Guess I really showed him how much I learned from him. FML
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hahah well i guess im immature too:D
in 7th grade my teacher was discussing factory workers (back in the day) and she sed "the girls had to suck it and make it straight" i was the only one laughing and the kid next to me turns and says "you are SO immature" and i was like "wtf how can you not laugh" hahahahahah good timees(:

  lettertjes  |  0

- "Well well, what did you think you were doing?"
* "What do you mean, officer?"
- "You rear-ended the car in front of you!"
* "Yes, but I signaled my intentions first."
- "Oooh... I didn't notice. Go along then. So sorry to stop you. Try to scream louder next time."

By  dingo353  |  0

Same thing happened to me , except I drove off the end of a cliff and was hurtling towards my death but a sparrow flew over and grabbed the car with it's talons and safely landed the car on the ground.