By jcheer113 - 17/05/2010 04:10 - United States

Today, while I was driving, I saw my driving instructor from high school walking on the sidewalk. As I waved to him, I rear-ended the car in front of me. Guess I really showed him how much I learned from him. FML
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Brilliant. I'd laugh more if he didn't even notice you until after you hit the car.

wat happens to both eyes on the road


Brilliant. I'd laugh more if he didn't even notice you until after you hit the car.

#6 dw, not immature in the slightest.

lmao 6, well i must be immature too because i found that funny :]

hahah well i guess im immature too:D in 7th grade my teacher was discussing factory workers (back in the day) and she sed "the girls had to suck it and make it straight" i was the only one laughing and the kid next to me turns and says "you are SO immature" and i was like "wtf how can you not laugh" hahahahahah good timees(:

The guy taught you to drive around cones in a parking lot.....

Waving while driving should be ban, just like cell phones.

@18- lmfao i wouldve laughed right there with ya!! hahaha

lol @6 I must be immature too...

haha he must have been proud lol

@35- arent we all? haha

Today, my driving student showed me how much I'm teaching in class. she rear-ended a car. FML

lolll nicely done.

Paying attention whilst driving fail

haha nice. now that's funny!!!

Some people shouldn't be allowed to drive. You're one of them.

Did you signal your intentions beforehand? Maybe you can still get partial credit.

How do you signal your intention of rear-ending a car?


- "Well well, what did you think you were doing?" * "What do you mean, officer?" - "You rear-ended the car in front of you!" * "Yes, but I signaled my intentions first." - "Oooh... I didn't notice. Go along then. So sorry to stop you. Try to scream louder next time."

no, it makes it seem like you're an idiot INTENCIONALLY rather than just an idiot...which is actually the case

hahah epic excuse :b

Same thing happened to me , except I drove off the end of a cliff and was hurtling towards my death but a sparrow flew over and grabbed the car with it's talons and safely landed the car on the ground.

thank god for the birds that decide to fly around us, I knew there was a good reason as to why they pester us so much. good thing your okay!

wat happens to both eyes on the road

lmao it's ironic.

don't you think