By Anonymous - 26/04/2014 11:36 - United States - Alpharetta

Today, my little brother put a battery to my tongue while I was sleeping with my mouth open. The shock found its way right to my metal filling. FML
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Rainhawk94 27

This means war

you will lose the battle but not the war. LET THE GAMES BEGIN


Rainhawk94 27

This means war

Little brothers I don't know the feeling :p

JMichael 25

How old is he? Cuz his age could determine how much and what you could do to him for revenge.

gjikvtj 18

Yeah, I believe 2 to 4 are the best ages for the electric chair

The electric chair is nothing compared to stepping on a Lego...

So long as there are no more batteries in mouths. If that had been inhaled or swallowed it would mean a trip to the ER.

This Means Waaarrrrrr (Avenged Sevenfold anyone?)


That sucks

I don't know if you think the, "I agree, you life sucks" button just disappeared, but I'm here to tell you it didn't.

#23 This would have also been a perfect time for #2 to make a pun using the word "shock" or "shocking." But alas, on all fronts, nothing good came of this.. D'=

How about this? "This means war! Charge!!!" No one, huh? I was positive that would electrify the crowd.

you will lose the battle but not the war. LET THE GAMES BEGIN

may the odds be ever in your favor

pwnman 33


This is probably stupid, but exactly how..?

you're right, that is stupid, electricity travels through the body, metal is conductive, it attracts electricity. by that the electricity flowed through his mouth, to the metal, we do have a lot of water in our bodies

Wow. In that situation I would go ape shit on him.

damnit1989 16

Ugh. I'm cringing at how that had to have felt. Get him back!!!

You should hook up a car battery to his tongue when he's sleeping :) except don't cause that would probably kill him

I don't think he cares.

It would kill pretty much instantly. Electricity is no joke!

That sounds painful, but I'm not sure. The filling would get hot, wouldn't it? And expand?

Wut lol It's metal with an electric charge going through it. It would be like licking a spark plug.

classiceagle63 16

Why would he even put a battery in your mouth?

its_bree 10

A lot of fmls start with people sleeping with their mouth open.