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Today, I had to take my 15-year-old daughter to remove the handcuffs her father had placed on her as a joke. He didn't know they were real. FML
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FYLDeep 25

Where'd you take her? To the police station, or to the local sex shop where you and me both know those handcuffs came from?...

Placed handcuffs on her "as a joke"? Good cover!?


FYLDeep 25

Where'd you take her? To the police station, or to the local sex shop where you and me both know those handcuffs came from?...

iirc handcuffs have a universal key. So probably the police station.

If handcuffs have a universal key then why don't criminals just carry one in their back pocket in case they get arrested? That's what I would do...

Or use a bobby pin, it's really to break out of handcuffs.

It seems her father suffers from Chronnic Douchebag Syndrome (CDS). It seems to be becoming a worldwide problem these days.

jerseyboy732 16

16: they are illegal to have them anywhere on your body except your key ring (which is where I keep mine) . either way tho officers are taught when arresting someone to have the cuffs face up with the key holes on the opposite side of the hands so they can't be accessed by the prisioner. also they have double locks so even if you were able to get a key in them you wouldn't be able to disengage the double lock.

jerseyboy732 16

18: trust me it's impossible to break out of a pair of cuffs with a bobby pin.

Thank you jerseyboy732, that was quite possibly the most informative reply I have ever received on this site. Not often you walk away feeling a little smarter :)

wlddog 14

If you have a key then it's simply opening a lock. And if you searched a cop I guarantee they have them in more places than just their key chain. I had one on my keys, my shirt pocket, my back pocket, and the back of my belt. I also practiced getting out of them with a tiny screw driver (not unlike a bobby-pen. Just because YOU can't do it that doesn't make it impossible.

LunaDragon 10

Lol same thing happened to me when I was a kid with my uncles cuffs, it took six hours and countless different tries, with several different keys before they git them off.

RegenaGeorge 0

This is a problem u need to look into. Where was your daughter toyed up? Like what if he was trying to tie her up into the bed post to rape her. You should talk to then or contact police. Just saying b4 matters get worsur

mahoney94 6

33: with chain handcuffs the orientation doesn't matter, you can rotate your hands and reach the keyhole just fine. Also a bobby pin is perfectly capable of unlocking them, you have to be able to pull the end off though and that usually means using teeth, but cops should lock them behind your back so that's quite hard to do. The double lock just means turn the 'key' in the wrong direction first, then unlock it normally. My dad has been a cop for 30 years so I have tried most of these things. It's like solving a rubik's cube behind your back but it is possible.

MatthewDmerrill 5

The police would check you like in cops.

jerseyboy732 16

82: cops don't use chained cuffs anymore they use hinged ones that can't be twisted around. also most depts use smith and Wesson cuffs and the double lock on those is activated/deactivated by a little slit you slide back and fourth on the top of each cuff. don't doubt me I'm in the police academy

They do. A few years ago a man murdered three cops after he got out a hidden key. They're almost universal, I have two different brands of handcuffs, for work, one key fits both pair, but the other key only fits the cuffs they're made for.

Hey jersey boy.... So ur in the academy huh? Cause your profile says you hate cops lmao... Btw I have a pair of s&w handcuffs. And have many times gotten my way out of them with a bobby pin. Not hard at all.

jerseyboy732 16

93: I do hate them but i came to the conclusion that if you can't beat them, join them.. and are they chained or hinged?

TSN619 7

As a cop you're wrong. The type of handcuffs that a police officer uses is usually at that officers discretion. Some precincts have their own regulations but cops may use use chain or hinge cuffs at their discretion.

BradTheBrony 19

Your... Uncle? *pedobear face*


People do have the universal key my uncle gave me one haha and I tried them it works

laurenobrien 4

I'm not sure if I should be worried

KM96 24

Doesnt that comment mean that we should be worried about you 27 ?

KriiFahMoro 9

Too late. I'm already worried. Are you a common criminal or a magician?

2, why the hell should you be worried? It's not your kid

3, live a little, Rihanna even wrote a song about it!

wlddog 14

Life is way more fun with real cuffs.

To practise my great milkcan escape of course!

bizarre_ftw 21

Because everyone needs to start somewhere ^_^

please tell me thats her step father and not her biological one

MizzErikaHart 8

Seems a lil creepy of it were a stepdad

its even creepier if it were her real dad.

mckibabe 7

He put handcuffs on her. What's so creepy about that? He didn't do anything do her.

This is a strange FML, why would he put handcuffs on her as a joke? There are definitely more funny things to do.

Like trying to escape from a glass tank filled with water. That's fun too, don't forget the rope.

Placed handcuffs on her "as a joke"? Good cover!?

nofearjenshere 12

Sure he "didn't know they were real." Likely story.

Yeah cause only real ones would do the job of making those kinky fantasies he had in mind come to life.

Umm...that's strange...why would you keep real handcuffs in your house? Is anyone a cop?

I have a pair at my house. got them as a gag gift (yes... real metal handcuffs that need a proper key to unlock)

My motto is to usually assume they're real, and prepare accordingly.