By nonnie31 - 25/04/2016 19:17 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, I arrived for the two-week scuba diving vacation I spent months saving, planning, and looking forward to. Today, I also developed an ear infection and can't scuba dive for 2 weeks. FML
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that's such a pity; maybe you could try getting a refund?

Damn that sucks. Hope you can still enjoy your trip OP!


that's such a pity; maybe you could try getting a refund?

Damn that sucks. Hope you can still enjoy your trip OP!

Not sure how if the trip was based around scuba diving

If you're at a place where you can scuba dive, you can probably do other things too.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

I don't condone this so don't shoot me if someone does it and ***** their ear up worse, but I've been in a situation like this and I just used those weird orange clay - like earplugs and I was fine. Again, don't blame me if you do it, just saying an experience I had.

Those are fine for swimming pools and the like, but you would probably seriously **** yourself up if you tried that scuba diving.

I had a similar problem. When I spoke to them they told me if I get a doctors certificate that advised me not to dive they would honor it as a matter of legality and help me reschedule or give me a refund. Maybe you could do the same?

That's the kind of crap my body would troll me with too. I had this when learning to swim as a kid, I ended up having to use earplugs and swimming caps to keep water out of my ears. It might work with scuba diving too.

petert71 10

Ear plugs don't work for diving unfortunately. The ears need to be clear to equalize. OP could take some meds to allow diving but it could be dangerous and lead to permanent damage.

She probably can't/shouldn't clear her ears, making scuba diving impossible even with earplugs.

Meds are highly unrecommended for diving though, which can wear off during the dive and cause over expansion of the lungs

First hing I was straight when I was getting certified was that if you had an issue that required medication, don't risk seriously hurting yourself or dying.

I'm sorry to ear that, talk about bad luck.

You can get a special wax to put in your ear so water does net get in. It was made for people with ear infections or people that the water pressure hurts their ears.

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Can you rent a diver's suit that covers the entire head or buy a swim helmet? That shout keep the water away.

Maybe if you had gone scuba diving you would've been eaten by a shark, in that case you should be grateful!! Seriously though, that really sucks.