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Today, my mom heard on TV that teens need at least ten hours of sleep a day. Now she makes me go to bed at 7pm. I told her I can't finish my homework in time, and my grades will suffer. She wouldn't listen. Last week, she threatened to punish me if I don't get straight As this semester. FML
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Why does she think you need to be up at 5?

Tell her she can get one or the other from you. Straight A's or straight Z's, not both.


Why does she think you need to be up at 5?

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Probably lives far from school like me. Or it's the reason he said "at least" 10 hours. *shrug*

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Perhaps OP needs to catch an early bus or something.

Some people have to. My mother is a teacher so we have to be at our school by about 7. We live about an hour away from the school.

Dunno if it's the same in Hungary, but in the US, being on a sports team that practices before school starts means getting up at 5, if not earlier.

you got quite a situation there!! God help you

In my household we woke up at staggered times. Me (male), 4 sisters/step sisters. The ones that were the most high maintenance were up at 5 (or earlier), then 15 minutes apart from there

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114, a lot of teachers say something to the effect that they don't care how long it takes or how little sleep you get, but you have to get the homework done. this is really annoying, because then they bitch you out for napping in their class thanks to the minuscule sleep you have gotten.

Maybe OP lives far from school. I am legally blind , and went to a school 3 hours away and caught the bus at 4:30 in the morning . Sometimes people have to go to special schools , maybe OP is one of those kids . OP maybe you can do homework at school , or just pretend to sleep and get a flashlight . Good luck

55- If you're blind, how'd you post this comment. 0_0.

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Exactly what I was thinking

I am LEGALY BLIND . It means my vision is over 20/200 even corrected . My vision currently is 20/475 . I hope DocBastard corrects your ass , you ignorant fuckball .

She could have before school sports. I row and have to be at rowing at 5.30am

My school started at 7. I had to catch the bus at 6 am for High-school.

Voice-to-text and text-to-speech software. It's pretty common nowadays.

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The OP could also have commitments like sport training - (most swimmers get up for 6am)

Thank you 67 although I type only on my phone . I do use dragon naturally speaking for writing dojin light novels , I'm posting the first four chapters by November . I'm remarkably able to sketch well . So look at fanfic in about a month .

Obvious spam is obvious. Also sorry about comment being unrelated to op. Just had to feel i was safeguarding the interwebs from spam.

70- Very true. I had to be at swim/water-polo practice at 5:30 in the morning to either lift weights or swim. If we didn't show up we couldn't participate in the games or meets. We also had practice after school.

And I thought my school starting at 08.20 instead of 09.00 like I'm used to was early. How do people even wake up in the middle of the night? D:

55- you're legally blind? How did you read this post? Or comments?

Kids needs 8 hours. It isn't 10.

102 - I don't know what it's called but I know some blind people have software that reads aloud text on their computer. That said, 55 said "legally blind" so he/she could be able to read a computer screen but still have vision that was impaired enough to make her "legally" blind. I had a friend in that situation.

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I go with 4-6 hours of sleep each day, coffee in the morning and I'm fine. Anyways, your mom is an idiot

I was thinking the exact same thing.

104 my vision is 20/480 so I can see on my phone fine , I do not type on my computer due to my vision but I can read above 16 font so I'm good on this website . I'm glad you know what legally blind is as most people don't know . I use voice recognition for typing and am remarkably able to do most things a person with good vision can do . Have a great day

I wake up at 5 for school and my bus arrives at 6:15. School starts at 7:05. So, waking up at 5 is sensible.

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Big difference

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My parents don't really care when i go to bed, as long as i get up in the morning. Rather than abusing this, like i feel most of the kids in my school do, i'm usually asleep by 10:30 maybe 11:00 the latest. My dad wakes me up at 5:00 but i don't get up till 5:30.

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Where the hell do you live?? I've played 8 sports at some point and every single one of them practiced after school. NJ

That's horrible. I usually only get 3 hours of sleep before school and I do just fine. I also get up at 5.

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Same, I actually function better when I get less sleep.

Although you may do fine, that's really unhealthy. Good health is more important then good grades.

As adolescents, you're made to survive on low sleep well, but if you miss on sleep for years it will affect your growth and hormonal system. Just ask your natural D cup friends if they missed on sleep all the time when they were young. The show is right, but the mom is being retarded about it.

I forget what they are called, but the 8(ish) hour sleep schedule is just one of few different sleep systems (and most common). Theres one that is like 4 hours twice a day. 6 hours and 2 hours (I think?). And I believe one based around like 10 30 minute power naps.

29, I'm a D cup, and I basically went through high school with an average of 3 hours of sleep every night. Same thing with a lot of my friends who have larger cup sizes. Lack of sleep doesn't have the same effect on everyone. In fact, I function pretty well up until 2 when I just completely pass out.

Don't lie to yourself, you could probably do much better in school if you got +8 hours of sleep. Concentration really suffers if you're sleep depraved.

47, that's not true for everybody. I survive on 3 hours a sleep a day and I still manage to get straight A's.

Yeah I feel like if you get 8 hours, you feel good. If you get 5-6 hours, you become tired as shit. Then once you hit 3-4 hours, your body goes into hyperdrive just to keep you awake, and you feel fine again (at least in my experience).

51 there's a difference between "getting straight As" and "doing your best." I feel like shit if I don't get at least 7 hours of sleep a night but could still get straight As with less because I'm good at scraping by. And everyone- you feel fine with 3 hours of sleep because you are hyped up on adrenaline. That's why, if you sleep like shit for 3 days in a row and then get better sleep, you feel awful the last day- your body realizes after a good nights sleep, "oh, we're not being chased by a tiger, I can finally admit how tired I am." You need the same amount of REM sleep as anyone else, you're just in constant "OHSHITOHSHITOHSHIT" mode.

I get around 6.5 hours. I go to bed around 11 and wake up at 5:30.

I can barely function without 8 hours of sleep. I row and have to be up at 5am 5 days a week, so I have to go to bed very early to function properly at rowing and at school. So I defiantly agree with OP's mother. (I still mange to get my school work done well, it just requires better time management). My school work is also better the more sleep I have

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I don't know about you guys, but I have always heard, all my life, that the adolescent requires 8 hours of sleep. Meanwhile, the adult only requires 6 hours of sleep. Those are the hours I slept when I was younger, and the 6 I sleep on now, as an adult. I feel just fine every day. I find it ridiculous to even think that one would need 12 hours of sleep. Unless you are an infant/toddler, then you don't need that much sleep, by any means!

My sister says the same thing. Shes an architect major, so she doesn't really sleep that much, and said she's better with 3 hours of sleep instead of 8. Honestly, when you sleep for short amounts of time, you don't enter the REM mode, which you're supposed to enter multiple times in one night's sleep to probably take care of your body. Sure you'll feel fine (maybe) on a small amount of sleep, but in the long run, you're messing your body up. Lol, can't wait for medical school and training when I'll be up for days on end! -_-

I'm 13, and I average 8-10 hours of sleep. When I get home, I have 2-4 hours of tennis, then I do homework and usually read or go to bed. I feel great when I wake up and can't manage with 5 hours of sleep.

desireev 17

10 hours of sleep.***

Larger cup sizes? Does that matter? Or is she talking about something else? Anyway, I tend to function the same, regardless of how long I sleep. But it is better to get more sleep because it's unhealthy otherwise

desireev 17

77- Your body would naturally force you to manage 5 hours of sleep. You would run off of adrenaline, and make it throughout the day just fine. It's very bad for your health to force your body to do that, but you could. 10 hours is considered to be over-sleeping, for somebody of your age. You need to try to sleep only 8 hours. Over-sleeping, in the long run, will make you very fatigued. Until you get to be about 17-19 years old, you'll only need 8 hours. Then you'll work your way down to 6 hours.

82- I understand your point on the subject, but I'm usually exhausted after practice. I've always done better in school when I get a large amount of sleep.

84, that great you are getting that much sleep.. You're young & going to school so you are putting your brain through a rigorous workout by learning new things then sports/practice on top of that. I've been told by many doctors (for my daughter) that teens need anywhere from 8-12 hours as they are still learning and growing.. So if that's what works for you then keep it up! :)

I got lots of sleep at night and still dozed in class. In grade 6 my nickname was Sleepy. It went downhill from there.

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I like that idea, I'm gunna start doing that

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Sorry 82 but I literally cannot function on less than 10. I pass out in class. I sleep whenever, wherever. Go to bed as soon as possible. Wake up at 5:30. I average 6 hours a night. I have to force myself to stay awake in class. Then when I get home I take a nap which is usually about 4 hours. Then I do homework, eat, then sleep. All week long. Then on weekends I sleep 12 hours a night and wake up feeling great. Not everyone gets to enjoy their day like you do.

-stares at the thread in disbelief- ....I really doubt cup size is largely dependent on how much sleep you get xD. Maybe extremely minor effects but.. eh.

That sucks. Do your homework earlier and in class.

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It does suck, and it's not very reasonable. I would put a towel against the door to block the light from the room and finish homework. Your mom would think you're asleep. Worth a try!

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The recommended isn't the American norm...

If he goes to bed that early wellllll then he might just go to bed Hungary.

You and everybody else should realize that talking shit about America won't get you thumbs up, especially when the comment is completely false.

I recommend you get some article off the Internet saying teens need seven or eight hours of sleep, it sounds like your mom would believe any "scientific study".


tell her she shouldnt believe everything she sees on tv.

I understand the need to get enough sleep, but believing what people have to say on TV without looking it up yourself is just ridiculous.

Tell her you'll make up the missed sleep on the weekend.

Tell her she can get one or the other from you. Straight A's or straight Z's, not both.

15-don't know why you got thumbed down, that was clever bro! lolzor

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I have met moms who are drug addicts, sold all their furniture and pimped themselves to buy more drugs. I'm just saying, sounds like they have had some pretty poor judgement. You know who else was a mother? Casey Anthony.

perdix 29

#21, she's not one anymore.


Perdix, that's just too soon. As a general rule, jokes don't offend me, but this one did. That's a little girl's murder that went unpunished. And the murdered is gonna make millions from it. Not something to joke about.

I don't want to thread jack, but I believe that casey deserved a fair trial. She got the fair trial by jury, but she didn't get the fair trial by media. I remember the day it was major news the first time, they were already calling her guilty, without a motive, weapon, or body. A group of men and women who didn't let the media influence their decision unamiously agreed that she was not guilty. This despite the fact that they were given false information (the man who searched her computer gave a testimony that she had 80 suspicious searches, but recanted the next day. That was covered up by the prosecution.)


50- I'm a case junkie. It's a hobby of mine, and it's something I'm very good at. Where most college students are out doing things, I'm sitting with my roommate going over court facts. I have looked very deep into the Casey trial, and fully believe that she was guilty of the murder of Caylee. I've also read about the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case, and I can't feel that George is guilty. Nor do I believe that he is innocent. Or that Trayvon was at/not at fault. I think it was a classic case of wrong place-wrong time. But that's just my opinion.

Fucking perdix making me laugh at distasteful jokes. You're a bad influence mister.

Catto-Golden 23

It wasn't a joke, it was an example of why not all mothers are right