By irishbubble - 04/06/2013 12:35 - Australia - Sydney

Today, after finally seeing a psychologist about the death of my dad and spending the longest hour of my life confessing every thought I've experienced in the 6 years since his passing, my psychologist asked me if I was walking home or if my dad would be picking me up. FML
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sexyboi1985 27

op needs a better psychologist. death is the hardest to either accept or get over, and some people never accept it.

If death was such a easy obstacle to overcome. It can take years to dealt with this sort of tragedy. Best wishes OP.

Time for a physiologists that actually does their job and listens to you!!!!!

redmane 21

For most people, it's not something you just get over. It's something you deal with for the rest of your life. My dad died from brain cancer when I was 12 and I struggle with it everyday.

I want to know why all you idiots that put "you totally deserved it" did that. How does anyone deserve that?

What an idiot. Sorry about your father.

Tell your psychologist to take a hike.

boxbrandon11 20

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WestSoy 9

Playing in traffic is always fun

I guess people can't understand sarcasm.

I would shove his Psychology degree up his ass.

I would hope the OP responded with are you giving me my money back or am I taking it back!

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mmizbbz210 13

Talking to a friend is good in times like this, yes but losing a love one is extremely hard. Seeking the help of a good professional(obviously not this one) is better. Psychologists go to school to understand exactly how the mind works and can help better than a friend can.

Plus sometimes friends aren't available when you need them. OP's decision to seek professional help is admirable. The psychologist needs their degree ripped in half and sent back all the way to undergraduate school. It sounds like they got their degree out of a cereal box and need to go back to learn something this time. Also the OP should be sure to mention what the psychologist did to people and on any review type sites that psychologists are on.

why does you comment have so many down votes? lol people on this site are so backwards

Well, now you know to find a new shrink. This one obviously wasn't paying attention. Either that or they're just an ass.

Sadly, I'm leaning towards the latter. That doesn't even sound like a slip of the tongue because the therapist didn't ask "are your parents picking you up?" or "is someone picking you up?", instead they specifically mentioned the dad. Sounds like an asshole imo. :(

Yea, I'm more leaning to the drugs side. Hes def tripping out. Either way, you really need a new therapist

MissWhitneyB 17

Dang, the fact that these psychiatrists are paid to ignore people makes me mad

The person in the fml is a psychologist. A psychiatrist has gone through medical school and can prescribe medicine. A psychologist can't prescribe. So, there is a huge difference.

My mistake I got auto corrected, but you learn something new every day

Some idiotic, asshat psychologists give all psychologists a bad name.

37 , you didn't get auto corrected. You got it wrong just admit it. :)

Haha a little of both I put in psych- and that was the first thing that came up

chevynova1743 4

You better go back in there, slap him, and demand your money back.