By overseasbummer - Ireland - Dublin
Today, my wife and I had an argument serious enough to end our marriage, while overseas on vacation, with my whole family present. Three more days of awkward tension until we get to fly home and it all ends. FML
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  Intahdex  |  15

love how ppl down voted you, take a joke, jeez people
on this app are so uptight

  Nexoux  |  18

There are times to make jokes and laugh then there are times to sympathize.

I would assume most people see it as the latter.

That being said, hope you get things figured out soon OP one way or the either. Ultimately, you guys gotta make a decision as to what will bring, for lack of a better term, closure to what seems like a troubled relationship already.

  Intahdex  |  15

this is the internet, people make jokes about 911 and school shootings...besides this app is purely for comedy...

  YepThatsMeee  |  23

Correction #42. This place WAS for comedy. Nowadays it seems to have morphed into a support group for all kinds of dysfunctional people. Make a joke about fat, ugly, stupid, nervous, religious, gay or cheating people and you can expect to be downvoted. RIP FML.

  sturschaedel  |  27

Sometimes one argument can get so out of hand that things are said and done that make it hard to go back from.
If some really hurtful things were said the trust in each other might be destroyed, and trust is the basis of a working relationship.

OP, vacations can be stressful situations. So it might be healthy if you go out of each others way for the rest of it. Once home, you should have a serious talk about what you want for the future and if each of you can still see a possibility to have the other in said future. If you still see a chance it might be time to go see a psychologist or marriage counsellor together to work through the difficulties. If it really is the end though, try to keep the divorce respectful and fair. Treat it like a business negotiation.

Either way, I hope a peaceful decision can be reached for the both of you! Good luck!

  PresidentNorth  |  16

I swear you said this on a previous fml and still got downvoted for it. This one thing that happened to a random couple does not pertain to you nor will affect your marriage. I bet you are probably indecisive about a lot of things in your own past, present, and future relationships, which can, and perhaps faulter with this type of attitude. You need to be more accepting of things before you jump the boat about this stuff. Marriage isn't for everyone you don't need the title to be happy either. But I'm just saying.