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By siggit - 10/09/2009 15:58 - United States

Today, I left on my honeymoon with my wife who is terrified of flying. The pilot announced incoming storms in the flight path, and the man next to me starts saying it's "probably fate" and "we all have to go sometime." My wife went into a full panic attack. We hadn't even left the ground yet. FML
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That's when you knock the ****** out and tell your wife everything will be ok.

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Aww jeez. Hope your honeymoon is nice, though.


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Put your wife in an asylum, she's a total retard, she poses a danger to society

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agreed. crashing or bombing jokes on a plane...never funny or appropriate and if you are one those people who jokes about it on a plane..well, you deserve what ever is coming to you after that

Bomb jokes on planes are the funniest kind of joke.

@#99 Haha!! I'm sorry, but I had to laugh about this one.

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that sucks n u should be more concerned about ur wife!! have some consideration...the poor woman...F-HER-LIFE!! not urs!! maybe she was freaking out bc she was worried about when U R IN THE AIR!! some supporter u r...thats ur wife!! >.>

I really don't get how you can be afraid of flying.... you have a way higher chance of dying while you're driving to the airport than you do in a plane crash

wait... if your wife is "terrified" of flying, why the fuckerz weren't you sitting next to her? doucheface

Ever heard of airplanes that have rows of seats in three or more?

did anybody notice at the beginning it said "left" and at the end he says they're still on the ground...?

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Aww jeez. Hope your honeymoon is nice, though.

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thats bad why?? i know its freaky but its **** her life. not yours... thats what i think anyway. btw ------------------------- hey people. i need a favor. when stupid starchild comments on this vid please tell him to shut the **** up. it would be very nice and would make this website better. thanks make

Quite trying to suppress the free speech of others.

How about I just tell YOU to shut the **** up instead? I agree that the shameless advertising gets annoying, but atleast he's commenting on the FMLs, and he's not harming anyone. Who made you part of the "FML staff"? -.-' They obviously have no problem with it or they would've moderated his posts already.

Why in the Hell are you so angry and bitter? I was not talking to you douche bag. I don't expect you, or any other non-American to understand or appreciate freedom-of-speech. It is wasted on shit-heads like yourself.

dude he wasn't even talking to you, he was talking to glass isass. chill the **** out

Yeah. I was agreeing with you. Why would I cuss you out?

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36- quit* I don't normally correct minor spelling mistakes, but when you're a total douche and are going all "I wouldn't expect any non-American to understand" You deserve to be corrected. Asshole.

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Ouch. That's happened to me before.. but in my case, my brother was just trying to **** with me. Little bastard... I got him good when we landed. I ******* HATE flying...

What are you, some sort of sadist? Your wife is terrified of flying so you chose a honeymoon spot that required flying. Are you crazy? What did you get her as a wedding gift? A box of roaches, rats and snakes?

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Agreed. Even if she said she "didn't mind", how could you fall for that? Some husband. Still, that really really really sucks. Holy shit the FML god visited my FML account profile D:

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In addition to that, instead of calming her down, he's posting this on FML.

Lmao @ 52. The plexico fan-club really is growing at an exponential rate.

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Haha I have a feeling soon there's going to be a "Plexico, have my babies" group somewhere around...

I'll get right on that. I nominate myself dictator of the group. First rule: Women only. Anyone want to join? Vice-dictator position is open.

No you're not. You're several comedians sitting in a room coming up with epic lulz.

You are elected! Welcome to the club. XD At this rate, there really is going to be a huge following of plexifans. I'll have to make a web page up. Oh, and t-shirts! Say cheese, plex! Haha.

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Intoxicunt: Hey! Since I came up with the idea, can I at least get a Vice-Dictator #2 spot or something? Haha

Yes! :) Also, I love the information on your profile. "Atheist, vegetarian.." Win.

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Woohoo! Now we have to figure out how plexico's going to have 100s of kids and not implode haha And thanks! [:

Well, you see, when two people love each other very much (or get drunk, or want money, or want to show their loyalty as a fan)...... =D

I like the way you all are thinking! So am I going to get to make these mini-plexicos the fun way, or am I going to get a bunch of jars in the mail (one girl, one jar -- plexico Fan Club policy) with pre-paid return postage? For expedited service, they'll send some erotic pictures of themselves to speed the fulfillment of the order. Go ahead and hand out the dictator/vice-dictator offices, just let my wife be the treasurer ;)

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Plexico: woah woah woah, we're just going to have to pretend you didn't just say the "w" word (wife). You'll ruin the club! [:

you are SUCH a ****** loser if you think plexico is funny. he is probably a 40-something virgin who just sits at home playing World of Warcraft and commenting on FML's, trying to be funny. He is pathetic to say the least. And you are MORE ****** pathetic for supporting him. **** this, man. Im starting an ANTI-Plexico club. All in favor....

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well aren't you kind of "supporting" him as well if you create an anti-plexico club? i mean if you can't stand the guy, you wouldn't let the situation ruin your day or even bring up the idea of creating a club against him. just chill out man! some people like to make friends on the site, that doesn't mean you have to interfere and be all anal about it.

#108, Aye! There's no such thing as bad publicity. By the way, I have an idea for a guest speaker for your club. . .

That's when you knock the ****** out and tell your wife everything will be ok.

Why would you punch a man In a plane for making a joke? that's gunna get you kicked off

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well did you still go on your honeymoon?

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Should have punched him in the face, or had him kicked off the flight for disturbing the peace.