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  stormy0307  |  16

Plenty of companies make their employees buy things out of pocket. The company is in no way obligated or required to pay for everything.

I used to work for an engineering company that employed 4000 people nationally and they made us pay for everything that wasn’t a regularly recurring corporate contract out of pocket. We were supposed to submit all business expenses for reimbursement but even with receipts and a written explanation of what was purchased and why, corporate would randomly decide some things that were legitimate business expenses were just personal expenses and they wouldn’t pay you for it.

  0neiros  |  13

Hence my advice to NEVER work for a company like that. Fuck them because they will ALWAYS find a way to fuck you over to save a couple of bucks.

By  xxWTFxx1981  |  21

Sounds like a pyramid scheme to me. I remember this one they pitched to me. I had to buy their product so I could have a demo set cost over $1k dollars... I didn't fall for it but i googled and plenty of reviews from people who did. the background checks physical and uniform may be what they were really selling and they pretend to give you work so you purchase them.

By  ViviMage  |  38

Um, they pay for the background check and physical. Uniforms SHOULD be ordered and paid for by them, it depends on the company if and how many they cover.

I would get reimbursed for the medical and background check!

By  0neiros  |  13

NEVER work for any shithole that makes you pay for ANYTHING you need to do your job. They want you to work there? They can damn well pay for it. Fuck them. If they ask for the uniforms back, tell them no reimbursement check, no uniform it's your property, they can pay for it. If it's a security type of uniform, maybe you can get your body in good condition and use it as your stripper uniform, or be the Cop in a Village people cover band, or wear it around in public just to see how people act differently when you are round. The use for a law enforcement/security type of uniform even if just for Halloween can make it worth shelling out the $ for it.