By Jim - 11/01/2012 01:32 - Belgium

Today, I told a co-worker to "lighten up, and stop wearing black all the time, it makes you look depressed." I didn't know his father had died the week before. FML
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KittyJay 3

This is why you don't assume or judge when you don't know the whole story. ydi.

GoW_Chick 14

Wow you are an ass, next time get all your facts before you go telling people what to do, or shut up and let people dress how they want to dress.


KittyJay 3

This is why you don't assume or judge when you don't know the whole story. ydi.

I'd have to agree; wouldn't OP notice said coworker taking an absence of leave over that? And you'd think an announcement by the boss was probably made. YDI for not paying attention.

When you assume you make an ASS outta U n ME ;)

Keyman assumes that there was an announcement and judges op based on said assumption...

Still you've got to move on eventually and moping around in black isn't going to make you feel better, YDDI

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Michael_92 20

It twas a mistake yes, however shouldn't be so quick to judge.

I wouldn't really consider it an "honest mistake." The OP was being monumentally judgmental in his statements in the first place, even if I WASN'T in mourning I'd be really annoyed that the OP thought it would be okay to tell me to "lighten up" and that I "look depressed all the time". It's really none of his business, so maybe next time he'll keep his opinions on someone else's fashion to himself.

sofineedsaladder 10

In your defense you didn't know, but next time you should just not say anything. I've learned that the hard way haha

potterlover 1

If he didn't tell you it's not your fault for saying that... You shouldn't feel bad...

Yes, because telling people that they shouldn't wear what they want to wear because the OP thinks they look depressed all the time is very complimentary and a good thing to say. Not. He should keep opinions like that to himself, it's none of his business what his co-workers want to wear.

koolkat27 13

so he's a jerk for making a mistake? does this mean everyone, including you, are jerks?

MyPupRox 2

Even if his/her co-worker's father hadn't died, it is extremely rude to comment on someone else's style. Maybe they wore black because it is slimming, or maybe just because they like it? It doesn't mean they're in some cult. YDI.

GoW_Chick 14

Wow you are an ass, next time get all your facts before you go telling people what to do, or shut up and let people dress how they want to dress.

BlindyMcGee 2

Honest mistakes must not exist anymore

MsMeiriona 2

The mistake is in making that kind of comment in ANY situation.

Yeah, how dare OP tell people to cheer up when they look depressed

GoW_Chick 14

OP thought that said coworker looked depressed because of the clothes they were wearing and tried to tell them to change their wardrobe, if OP had been just trying to cheer them up it would of been a FYL , in my opinion, but the fact they thought they should have to change their clothes because OP thinks they're 'depressing' makes it a YDI.

#26 "using proper grammar is sexy" doesn't exactly look good next to a misspelled word "deprivation". edit your profile info, sister ;) and yeah "would HAVE been"

There are at least 2 other errors in her profile. Let's see if she can find them. :)

GoW_Chick 14

Wait, is this pick on GoW_Chick day? Lol. Thanks for pointing out my mistakes. How else would I learn?

For real. It's frankly insulting that OP think's they have any say in their co-workers wardrobe... I'm one of those people who "wears black all the time" and people constantly tell me to "learn how to dress" but get this, I LOVE my clothes, so why the **** do you care? Even if OP's co-worker hadn't experienced a death recently, OP is still an ass.

43- they were just reminding you that you aren't as perfect as you think you are.

GoW_Chick 14

When did I ever say I was perfect?

koolkat27 13

63- you may not have said it, but when you comment, you have a certain arrogance that you protrude.

desireev 17

It's none of my business.. But get off her ass! She never said she was perfect in any way, shape, or form. And she does not put off an arrogance about it at all. Talk about the OP being judgmental... Shit! From what y'all are saying, you guys are the poster children for judgmental. Who died and made you God? Worry about yourselves! People make mistakes. And the only person that any of us need to worry about impressing is the man upstairs. (Or where ever your 'man' is).. Not a bunch of judgmental people on the FML website!!

#80 - You're displaying a lot of the attitude that you're so pissed off about. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and calm down before you respond to people. As ridiculous as it sounds, yes, people can get tone from words that are written on a page. That's one of a writer's strongest tools to manipulate a reader's emotional state without making the reader feel they are being manipulated. The way you say things, the way you punctuate, and the words you choose tell way more about you than what you are actually saying.

desireev 17

86- My comment was a very well thought out one. Sorry if it offended you, but that's the way I feel about this. People are complaining about the OP being judgmental.... You shouldn't throw stones when you live in a glass house.

desireev 17

Even though it is the Internet, and none of us will ever meet eachother and this is just a virtual world, there is still a way to talk to people and a way not to. There is a thing called respect! And disrespect trolls behind respect at all times. These other commenters disrespected GoW_Chick pretty badly based on what they 'thought' she meant in words that were TYPED. It was judgmental and disrespectful and just wrong. We are still people and 99% of the people on this site wouldn't talk shit to someones face like that, so why say stupid, disrespectful shit like that on the Internet? Because you can? All I'm saying is that if you wouldn't say it to their face, then don't say it! And if you would say it to their face like that, then someone wasn't taught about respect when they were growing up...

A little over dramatic don't you think 80? You are very hostile on all threads of late, something you wanna talk about?

mama2b3 20

Ouch, either be better informed or mind your own business I guess. Obviously this co-worker isnt a friend of yours or you most likely would've known, so you really shouldnt have been criticizing his fashion choices anyway.

Ydi for telling someone what to wear, who gives a **** if someone wears a lot of black? It's their style, not yours. Worry about your own damn wardrobe.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Not to mention, black happens to be the most universally flattering and slimming color. Plus, everything matches with everything.

don't be a judgemental douche bag. you never know what a person is going through, so be nice

perdix 29

"Hey, you still got your mom, Johnny Cash!"

DKjazz 20

Is this a reference to Walk the Line? I think a lot of people didn't get it. Oh well, such is the risk of making references.