Alexa, play "Rockit" by Herbie Hancock

By Anonymous - 19/08/2011 07:13 - United States

Today, I wanted to show my teenage daughter what we did when I was her age. We used to breakdance, so I stuck on a Grandmaster Flash track, and tried some old moves on the living room floor. I spun out of control, smacked my head into a wall and pulled a back muscle. FML
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And parents say that our generation is stupid....

that's why it's called breakdancing :D


And parents say that our generation is stupid....

IndiRae 9

To show me what he used to do as a kid, my dad gives me a shotgun, takes me out to one of our pastures, and tells me to shoot whatever moves. I wish he would breakdance instead.

that would have been hilarious to watch, put that on AFV you could win.

AFV is a stupid show

jellitonoctopus 19

12- To be honest, that sounds pretty fun if the animal you are hunting is for consuming purposes. My dad had a phase of only feeding on agricultural goods he had farmed and chickens/ geese he had raised haha. Sometimes I would salvage the animal skin to create fun taxidermy.

1 our generation is stupid and the one before us :)

Parents shouldn't try and impress their children. Your a parent for a reason!

You know what Kirsten , you're right. We parents should only sit on the couch and watch TV and eat potato chips all day. We should NEVER try to act like a normal human being, because god knows that after you have children you lose all of your humanity. Is that what you're saying? Grow the hell up.

RedPillSucks 31

@12. That's when you shot him, right? ...., right?

Strange coming from a single man who does just that all day there doc. P.s. Glad you went back to coke up the ass.

KiddNYC1O 20

AFV is the shit you freakin' psycho.

Doc, she is right you know. If you read any of the parenting books/advice you would know that the requirement is to lose all of your humanity. Although... Eating potato chips and watching TV all day does sound kind of fun.

Well shit, I probably should have gotten one of them dang parenting books before I had my two kids. I'm probably screwing them up to the point of requiring therapy before kindergarten.

Doc, you take FML comments too seriously. I read your bio and that is just sad about defending your comment to the death.

Prankster7o7 5

12, We still do that, for sport and food purposes.

a parent trying to be "in". not the worst thing in the world, but by no means acceptable

cajw44_fml 0


Your mom is a stupid show.

Well that was smart wasn't it

Sounds like OP was funky fresh

Olovio 5

She probably thought you were a total bad ass xD

that's what i was thinking.

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So when you get older you aren't supposed to have fun?

Ollierobs - are you referring to me as the single man??

Doc, wrong comment thread

Eat my thumb down Doc! Yeee-haaaw!

Sorry, double comment. Thank goodness for being able to edit posts!

ImmaB3AST 7

I wish my dad has moves like that...

I wish I had moves like Jagger...

that's why it's called breakdancing :D

That's what you get for trying to relive the "glory days."

better you then her. right? •_•

thepandawh0re 2

pandas kick ass

Whoa take a chill pill lady dont do anything foolish!

Not a lady, a guy.