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  chippa  |  24

Kids have a whole section for a reason! Kid related FMLs happen a whole lot. And they're my favourites. :) Just don't read those ones then, I guess. :

  pyros09  |  0

No, most men CANNOT kill any woman with two hands because that is a false stereotype, so stop being an arrogant idiot who can't even spell or put together a sentance. Clearly, if anything men like you are the only type of people who DON'T MATTER.

  lizardlips  |  1

why do people think that every thought needs to be "out there"?

Someone needs to dig around this guy's back yard a bit so that the Grand Jury can properly indict his ass!

  Emma_91  |  0

Don't worry everyone, #10 is only upset because he can't get any girls. ^_^ And he's probably making up for his tiny dick.

By the way, #10, actually in an evolutionary sense, men are more disposable.
Not that I'm saying men don't matter lol.

  killdozer1  |  2

It makes sense that in larger communities, the larger, stronger, and more violent breed who do not carry children for nine months would be "disposable". It's totally worth it!

  stizzuh  |  0

wrong, not all strippers are hot, theres even weird clubs with fat girls. If a little kid told me that their mom was a stripper nice and clear, when I saw them thats what I would think, unless she was like morbidly obese or some shit

By  plexico  |  3

WTF is wrong with the teacher? Being a stripper is a job. Maybe not a job that everyone is comfortable with, but that just makes the teacher a prude and a snob.

Now, I can see the teacher looking askance at you if you were something disgusting, like a whore. Or even worse, a lawyer!