By burb - 25/09/2013 19:23 - Germany - Berlin

Today, I invited my new girlfriend over for the first time. My roommate thought it would be funny to go on a porn site on my computer and leave it up. She saw it, freaked out, slapped me, and left. FML
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If your roommate doesn't fess up to her, you'll have some serious butt-whoopin' to do.

If she freaks out about guys watching ****, she's going to be single for a looong time.


If your roommate doesn't fess up to her, you'll have some serious butt-whoopin' to do.

BubbleGrunge 18

I'm not saying the roommate was right, however maybe it was better this way. Slapping OP was absolutely no way to handle the situation. It's just ****; most people watch it, even girls. If she flips out over that, imagine what would happen if it was actually something serious.

Yeah, and besides she's his "new" girlfriend, hadn't even been over. Shit's not so serious that she has a right (not that she ever would) to tell him how to **********. And if she's willing to slap him over what he looks at when he's touching himself on his own time THIS early on, who knows what she's going to feel justified in doing if he ever actually does something dumb to set her off. She sounds whack. Dump her.

TyT63 12

or he could take his friends phone and send a **** link to his parents...that'll teach him

It really is just ****. You're a guy. It's normal. And slapping someone because of something like that, or for any reason, is not right. At least you two only just started dating. Not that big of a loss.

She has that big of a problem with ****? I would just laugh and tease my boyfriend for forgetting to close it... Ha

Guys, guys, please. We seem to be missing the fact that clearly OP's **** was featuring his new girlfriend's mother. For shame, OP! You don't let your girlfriend find out you want to get to the mom by sleeping with her daughter! Sloppy work, OP.

it was clown ****, that's why she got upset

emmybabe987 10

I don't see why she would flip. a fair amount of guys and girls watch it. some couples even watch it together if they're more adventurous. she needs to calm down xl

I don't get why someone would freak out over that. I mean t would be embarrassing as all hell, but everybody's done it at least once-male or female. if it were me, I'd probably blush, say something like "you left your um, browser on..." and look away while he closed it. it's not taboo, it's just private. don't freak, ladies.

shaww 28

I think you need to get you ass kicking shoes on make him confess

10, I understand you want to "correct" someone, however putting an asterisk next to a conjunction isn't really a sentence. Maybe I should "correct" you? Ice cream and crocodile dicks.*

#23, He was correcting himself. And although it wasn't a sentence, it made perfect sense to me

shaww 28

and its your, not you LOL Plus I'm usually the grammar nazi... not my day

I know he was correcting himself. Just needed an excuse to say crocodile dicks. I have Tourette's.

43- You're an asshole. My best friend has Tourette's, and it's not a laughing matter, let alone something to use as an excuse for typing something that ridiculous. Last I checked, Tourette's has no effect on motor skills. Are you going to find some way to "correct" me? I didn't think so.

#59 I don't mean to be a dick but do some people with Tourette's not experience involuntary tics that are caused by motor skills?

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#68 you replied to the wrong person. Or I missed something here.

Myself and another user were having an argument about Tourette's because he commented something really obscene and blamed it on Tourette's, in a really rude way. My best friend has severe Tourette's, so naturally, I called him out on it. that's what happened and the comments were deleted.

She probably just found it offensive. Send her a text explaining what happened. I'm sure with enough motivation you could win her heart back. Oh and kick your roommates ass

Little4Bear 10

I hope she believes you OP, trust is valuable in a relationship :) Also, tell your roomate he's a dick. From all of us here at FML.

She had no business slapping him. Leave in disgust, yes. He's better off without her.

My girl is awesome! Once I was in her basement with her and she just gave me the weirdest look and said "wanna watch ****?"

now you know why a lot of people naturally don't trust others

TheDrifter 23

So, horse scat fetish just isn't her thing? I'm sure there is some way you can make it up to her.

And here I was thinking that only strange things turned people off, but horse scat? C'mon, they teach that stuff in sexual education, she shouldn't have been frightened by something so common. Now, if it was something like cactus-cat-bagle-pin, then her reaction would seem somewhat more reasonable, at least...

Menage-a-trois? If it happens, whatever you do dont make eye contact.

Call me old fashioned, but I strongly believe in the one dick per fantasy rule.

Steve95401 49

Yet another example of why your computer should be locked when you're not using it.

And make sure that your roommate does not access to your password. I hope that you can get back together with your date.

If she freaks out about guys watching ****, she's going to be single for a looong time.

ninety 25

I'm tended to think it was more than just your average **** if she hauled off and slapped him.

Its not that rare to find decent guys that arent pathetic enough to watch people screw online.

What's indecent and pathetic about watching ****...? I have to say if I was that girl I would have either laughed and teased him about it or if it was some sort of weird stuff involving poop and circus freaks I'd have guessed straight away that it was a prank. OP's girl seems a bit uptight or kind of a drama queen?

thatonetribute 31

It's gross. We don't want to see it.

Actually thats true for some ppl. I salute them.

Well I could understand if it was like gay ****. Then I imagine she'd be quite confused.

Time to get a (new) password on your computer then!