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  BubbleGrunge  |  18

I'm not saying the roommate was right, however maybe it was better this way. Slapping OP was absolutely no way to handle the situation. It's just porn; most people watch it, even girls. If she flips out over that, imagine what would happen if it was actually something serious.

  EpicSquishii  |  21

Yeah, and besides she's his "new" girlfriend, hadn't even been over. Shit's not so serious that she has a right (not that she ever would) to tell him how to masturbate. And if she's willing to slap him over what he looks at when he's touching himself on his own time THIS early on, who knows what she's going to feel justified in doing if he ever actually does something dumb to set her off.

She sounds whack. Dump her.

  sarah6786  |  14

It really is just porn. You're a guy. It's normal. And slapping someone because of something like that, or for any reason, is not right. At least you two only just started dating. Not that big of a loss.

  starile  |  19

Guys, guys, please. We seem to be missing the fact that clearly OP's porn was featuring his new girlfriend's mother. For shame, OP! You don't let your girlfriend find out you want to get to the mom by sleeping with her daughter! Sloppy work, OP.

  emmybabe987  |  10

I don't see why she would flip. a fair amount of guys and girls watch it. some couples even watch it together if they're more adventurous. she needs to calm down xl

  speakersboom  |  19

I don't get why someone would freak out over that. I mean t would be embarrassing as all hell, but everybody's done it at least once-male or female. if it were me, I'd probably blush, say something like "you left your um, browser on..." and look away while he closed it. it's not taboo, it's just private. don't freak, ladies.

  jerryj  |  27

10, I understand you want to "correct" someone, however putting an asterisk next to a conjunction isn't really a sentence. Maybe I should "correct" you?

Ice cream and crocodile dicks.*

  nhbasskid13  |  23

43- You're an asshole. My best friend has Tourette's, and it's not a laughing matter, let alone something to use as an excuse for typing something that ridiculous. Last I checked, Tourette's has no effect on motor skills.

Are you going to find some way to "correct" me? I didn't think so.

  nhbasskid13  |  23

Myself and another user were having an argument about Tourette's because he commented something really obscene and blamed it on Tourette's, in a really rude way.

My best friend has severe Tourette's, so naturally, I called him out on it. that's what happened and the comments were deleted.

By  WhiteCrimson  |  23

She probably just found it offensive. Send her a text explaining what happened. I'm sure with enough motivation you could win her heart back. Oh and kick your roommates ass

  Voij  |  16

And here I was thinking that only strange things turned people off, but horse scat? C'mon, they teach that stuff in sexual education, she shouldn't have been frightened by something so common.
Now, if it was something like cactus-cat-bagle-pin, then her reaction would seem somewhat more reasonable, at least...

  your_ma  |  27

What's indecent and pathetic about watching porn...? I have to say if I was that girl I would have either laughed and teased him about it or if it was some sort of weird stuff involving poop and circus freaks I'd have guessed straight away that it was a prank. OP's girl seems a bit uptight or kind of a drama queen?