By Anonymous - 10/07/2015 18:19 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I was having computer problems, so I let my friend have remote access to fix them. We were video-chatting on Skype at the time, and so he thought it'd be hilarious to load hardcore porn in my browser the moment he saw my mom enter the room from behind me. I'm now grounded. FML
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An evil genius at work.

mikeman1744 18

I feel bad for you and all but that's a pretty hilarious prank


An evil genius at work.

Looks like you got screwed

mikeman1744 18

I feel bad for you and all but that's a pretty hilarious prank

Sounds like a sticky situation, OP, J got to hand it to you...

This isn't even a pun that works. Wtf man?

Why do funny or clever things get so many downvotes? Does anyone have a sense of humor, goodness...?

It was a really shitty pun. It didn't even work.. It's a terrible pun. Real humor is appreciated here, recurring, boring, unoriginal stupid puns are not funny.

connaughty0225 16

Well at least he didn't load anything worse than hardcore you might be in a little deeper water if it was a hardcore fetish ****....

Friend how juvenile!.."

What goes around comes around. I say revenge would be great in this situation.

If OP got revenge his friend would want to get revenge as well, just better to forgive and forget.

Dodge4x4Ram 46

I know what it looks like, I can explain.

You could try explaining to your mom that your friend had access to your computer and put the **** on as a joke when he saw her come in the room. You may be un-grounded but then she might ban you from hanging out with your friend.