By Tragics - Canada
Today, my date sent me a text saying "I'm sorry we're running late, we will be there shortly." I replied asking what she meant by "we". She said her parents, who were coming along to chaperone. I laughed about two 27 year olds having chaperones, until she walked in with her parents. FML
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By  perdix  |  29

It should be no big deal for a first date. Most guys usually don't get hot sex on the first date anyways. (I said "most" guys ;) )

If the parents are still tagging along when you are due for a roll in the hay, you may want to move on.

  HookEmTexas07  |  0

#10, judging from this "(I said "most" guys ;) )," I'm assuming that means you've never had sex in your life and you want to seem like a badass, right?


Maybe they like to watch. Or maybe they arent really the parents and they are swingers that want to have a gangbang..

I hope you where an asshole on the date just to piss the parents off

  nonynony  |  0

I don't think the issue is "will this affect what I say/do on the date?" Yeah, I've had first dates that were PG-rated. I still expect the person to be at a normal psychological level for a late-20's adult. If someone brought their parents on our first date, I wouldn't be thinking "OMG this is really going to affect how I act tonight." I'd be thinking "OMG I'm going on a date with someone who IS VERY SERIOUSLY DEVELOPMENTALLY STUNTED."

So #10, I think you missed the point.

By  Envy_fml  |  0

Bwaha, oh Saskatchewan. How I love it.

Sadly, a number of names popped into my head about who this could be, before realizing that they're not 27 yet.