By SickSmick - 09/02/2010 12:22 - United Kingdom

Today, I have the flu, food poisoning and I'm on my period. I have enough liquids pouring out of me from various holes to satisfy a sewer. FML
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sucksforyoudude 0

sucks for you babe, get to feelin better

I recommend an apple a day.


Enoch134 0

ouch sucks

ROFLwafflePWN 0


suaveneanderthal 0

i bet the smells could as well...

dayummmmmmm tha period juss made it unbearable smh good luck widd tht

Hanban 0

Too much information...but a needed one at this.

Futurefrog 0

r u sure u have food poisoning? vomiting is also a flu symptom. either way get well soon ;)

I'd still hit it

once again a girl taking things in the wrong context, did she. acctualy all u fat? no she just implied that you either eat alot of eat junk food

oops wrog post lol

datgo321 0

that was way too much information


EEEWWWWIIIIEEEE XD umm I would offer help but not sure how much I could do T_T

RevengeOnYou 0

I've had a flu for 3 days and it was terrible. Body aches, fevers, and a sore throat. Thank god i didn't vomit though. Thats the last thing I'd ever want to experience. But a period? FYL man o.O

me too!

allen20 0

haha 241 men dont have periods :P

good thing u don't have diarrea

Silense_is_loud 0

get well

tweetbaby14 18

that is nasty. thank you for sharing that with the world.

cady2 0

I'm pretty sure runny shit was coming out of one of those holes. that's probably why she mention food poisoning and the flu. dumbass.

GMS1 7

gotta plug them holes

sucksforyoudude 0

sucks for you babe, get to feelin better

this is only an FML for us readers, cause you grossed everyone who reads this out. good job you whiny little bitch

You say that when YOU have blood flowing out of you every month. And then mix that with being sick and having to get up all the time to puke and clean the bloodmess in you groin, well see how much YOU bitch.

109 is a guy, he just doesn't understand, the bastard

109 just got told and that really sucks for you....

I'm a guy and I feel for you. I can't say I've ever had to experience that, but you have my sympathy

snowman427 0

o that's so hot.....ewwwwww. that's funny but it sucks for you. first

How is that hot? She must feel like a sprinkler right now.

Lancerman7449 0

i think #3 is being sarcastic #65 you idiot

failed first

I recommend an apple a day.

Enoch134 0

omg I was first I feel so good but now I feel bad cuz I wrote sumthing lame why can't I be like perdix ;(

Enoch134 0

WTF he edited his comment WTF

(stares at the screen for a few seconds and starts banging his head on his desk) This must be the will of the Mods!

hmmm I wonder which mod did that?

Jrook 0

"... and i'm a guy FML"

(reads Alan's reply, then turns toward the computer screen in the fashion of dramatic looking gopher) I knew it all along!

That's a nice tin-foil hat you're wearing, BSR. Let me just remove it for a second...

Ajjas013 6

BSR is still living in the stone age... Don't worry mercy, since your hooker episode, people expect less from you. You're looing awefully radiant today, however. Alan... Nah forget it.

Mind control? Fine! I don't need no friggin' tin-foil hat to stop you! I'll just go ahead and present you with these donuts and gold-enriched paddle, Oh Queen of the Universe Sirin. ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!

Ajjas013 6

Ir looks BSR had too many 'shroo-- Erm, donuts this morning. I mean, unless you're sober. If you are then I'm suddenly scared.

Its ok Mercy, *puts hands over Sirins ears*I'll always love you *takes hands away from ears* hey babe, whatcha doin? ^_^

Wow! Brave Sir Robin gets an acronym?!? I want one! What's I guy got to do to get one of those, BSR?!?

to be honest with you, I have no idea. (thinks for a second) Okay, now I remember. First, DON'T! Got it?

ummmm... ii??

Ajjas013 6

@mercy: I don't exactly know what you mean by minty, but I'll take the private suite in the 6 star hotel and you could scrub me. Or the other way around if you want ;) @BSR:... What the hell?

omg lol took me forever to get that

that won't stop her period thou

@111 amen, men wouldn't last a day havin a period plus ur sick n wat about all men: once u gone thru all that come tell me...I wanna kno how u react!

Enoch134 0

I don't like mods u guys weird perdix the only sane one oh and bsr

MXavierT 0

Penis joke.

The person in your picture has a pinched face. Let's pass it on!

Aww damn sucks get better :]

dugumit 0

thanks for sharing.

Lethario14 0


lol @ "various holes"

ur an idiot

that made me feel sick lol of those things alone is bad enough.. but all 3 together is just brutal.

I know me too. and it's bad enought that I actually have food posionibg right now. get better OP!

Anybody else a little turned on here?

Hell no! And if you are, there is something seriously wrong with your brain. OP, I hope you get better ASAP.

LOL ..what the hell?

Prestigex 0

These kind of things make all hot and bothered.(;

Mmmm... yeah... ;)

pendulum2012 0

stick a finger up your butt if you're feeling squirrely

Danielt104 6