By SickSmick - / Tuesday 9 February 2010 12:22 / United Kingdom
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  russwee  |  0

once again a girl taking things in the wrong context, did she. acctualy all u fat? no she just implied that you either eat alot of eat junk food

  RevengeOnYou  |  0

I've had a flu for 3 days and it was terrible. Body aches, fevers, and a sore throat. Thank god i didn't vomit though. Thats the last thing I'd ever want to experience. But a period? FYL man o.O

  cady2  |  0

I'm pretty sure runny shit was coming out of one of those holes. that's probably why she mention food poisoning and the flu. dumbass.

  Cupcaken  |  0

You say that when YOU have blood flowing out of you every month. And then mix that with being sick and having to get up all the time to puke and clean the bloodmess in you groin, well see how much YOU bitch.

  Ajjas013  |  6

BSR is still living in the stone age...

Don't worry mercy, since your hooker episode, people expect less from you. You're looing awefully radiant today, however.

Alan... Nah forget it.


Mind control? Fine! I don't need no friggin' tin-foil hat to stop you! I'll just go ahead and present you with these donuts and gold-enriched paddle, Oh Queen of the Universe Sirin. ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!

  Ajjas013  |  6

@mercy: I don't exactly know what you mean by minty, but I'll take the private suite in the 6 star hotel and you could scrub me.

Or the other way around if you want ;)

@BSR:... What the hell?

  shadaboo2014  |  0

@111 amen, men wouldn't last a day havin a period plus ur sick n wat about moms...to all men: once u gone thru all that come tell me...I wanna kno how u react!

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