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  russwee  |  0

once again a girl taking somthing in the wrong context, did she callu fat?? I didn't see it, she just implied u rather eat alot or eat unhealthy learn to hear and don't always asume peopleean something other than what they actually say. it will make life alot easier.

  whitley1031  |  0

Don't take it as an insult; I eat TONS of food, but i burn calories like crazy, so I stay fairly skinny and in shape. If you're not fat, it means ur burning enough calories to be healthy. If you're fat, on the other hand, FYL

  dtang  |  0

Well if your a teenage guy then it really doesn't matter because us guys eat a ton. But If your a girl... I'm sorry... mabye she was joking?

  MrsFunsize  |  0

Honestly it's a shame wen ur own mom is thinner than u... Maybe u should consider cutting back on the bad stuff, after all summer will be coming up soon and it'll be time to pull out the mini skirts

  boatkicker  |  4

Why should it be different if she's a girl, dtang? Plenty of girls eat just as much as the stereotypical teenage boy, and do so without getting fat. That's the real concern here. Is she overweight, or does she just think she is? I'm betting, based on the wording of the FML, that she never thought she was fat until her mom made the comment.

Anyway, a girl should not feel shame for eating a lot. Even if it makes her fat, the biggest concern should be her health, which may be perfectly fine, even if she's fat. I know that's not how it works; I know that if OP actually is overweight, it sucks to be insulted for it. But if OP isn't, she CERTAINLY shouldn't be offended because she eats a lot.

By  Ajjas013  |  6

Yes they do! They eat the limbs of those fallen in the battles before them. And they eat COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM >:D

  Ajjas013  |  6

Your mum wants loose weight? So when she jumps around her fat and extra skin will flop around everywhere and smack into surrounding citizens who in turn get blinded and fly backwards into buildings and then all hell breaks loose?

  Ajjas013  |  6

And cookie dough ice cream!

By  MattCole  |  0

She wasn't necessarily calling you overweight. Younger people have higher metabolisms and can eat a lot without getting fat. Your mom can eat like you, while you stay thin and she gains weight. Quit looking for something to bitch about.

By  idkweird  |  0

Some people have fast metabolisms. I have friends who are skinny as a rail and eat everything in site. This is only an insult if you're overweight, otherwise it's just pointing out how much you eat.