By cmoney6452 - 01/03/2012 16:17 - United States

Today, I'm so sick that I'm drinking fluids just to make it hurt less when I puke. FML
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You have to drink in order to clean your body and have something to bake with.

DontClickOnMe 28

Aww I hate the feeling of throwing up. It hurts like hell. Hope you feel better, OP!


Capt_Oblivious 10

That 'blows'

Wait till you're drinking just to have something TO throw up.. not having anything in your system but still going through the motions of vomiting is a Horrible feeling.

Dumbass... When you are so sick that you are puking, the only thing you should eat is fluidabsorbing stuff and you should drink salty drinks like bouillon.. All to keep your fluids in

That hardly required calling someone a dumbass. People do what they think is best for themselves.

Drink things with electrolytes like gatorade. Not beef boullion. The salt will end up dehydrating you more

thatonetroll 0

56 Ya drink Gatorade its the answer to everything don't believe me? Watch idiocracy they sure had it right.

blackheart24 10

^ Brawndo. It's what plants crave.

You have to drink in order to clean your body and have something to bake with.

drawmesunshine 17

And to stay hydrated.

Something that works for me is soda crackers and ginger ale. The crackers soak up the icky stuff making you puke, and the ginger ale mixed with it helps you puke, cleaning out you system. At least that's what my parents tell me. I usually just eat the crackers and they tend to work.

I had no fluids in me when I threw up once, it hurt like hell.

afunnyterdcody 5

Eat lots of oatmeal haha it feels refreshing actually

xalerion 0

Drink cranberry juice. It tastes just as good coming up as going down. Better even. And I am not personally a fan of drinking cranberry juice normally. It always makes me feel better though. And it helps balance out your pH.

Well done!! Best way to do it!!

DontClickOnMe 28

Aww I hate the feeling of throwing up. It hurts like hell. Hope you feel better, OP!

Throwing up isnt bad for me, its like, before, and then a lot later when your throat hurts like all hell that makes it REALLY bad. Q_Q

I normally puke when wasted also

I puked when I saw #4. There went my home made chicken noodle soup...

The_Troller 14

Feel better soon, OP. I'm sure most people on here can relate to that.

southerngirl05 3

Oh i know i can morning sickness sucks

Me too, motion sickness... Drink something with ginger in it, warm ginger ale is good, especially if you stir it to get some of the bubbles out after you warm it, takes like a minute in the microwave. Its the thing i've found works best.

Just make sure you're drinking lots of clear fluid. And maybe Gatorade/Powerade to restore your electrolytes. Feel better OP! Maybe see a doctor if you don't feel better in the next couple of days :/

Darkruler 5

When I'm sick I usually stock up on Gatorade too, it's definitely the cure for what ails ya. Feel better OP!

#60 I don't think the name of the film you suggested is helping your case.

Darkruler 5

I don't remember suggesting any films, #71... care to clarify?

Redoxx_fml 22

FYL Better call an ambulance if it doesn't get better

Or OP could save himself $500 and call a friend/family member to take him to the hospital if he's that incapable of driving.

thatonetroll 0

Or he can call it quits and die. (sarcastic)

Op I know exactly what you mean.

Me too... Im in the Same situation at the moment...

its really not that bad

kickuwithmyfist 1

dry heaving sucks sooo bad!!!

Been there done that it does help some