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  TomFantastic  |  0

Any man who has never attempted meatspins in the bathroom mirror probably doesn't have a big enough penis to pull it off. For those who do, it's absolutely hilarious and you should do it daily

  Casualt1234  |  0

idk why you guys replied to my post, #34 and #39 because your posts really didn't have anything to do with what i said but w/e. why would a penis swing if the guy isn't doing meatspins anyway?

  bluesclues72  |  0

93: I put my towel on after I get of the shower. Cats are fast and can things very quickly. I don't know what kind of idiot puts there towel on in the shower. and who showers with the door open?

OP: relax, your cat was tring to give you a BJ
pussy style