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Today, I was forced to spend New Years Eve with my strict/conservative parents in the middle of nowhere in Illinois. If I had nothing else, I looked forward to watching the ball drop in NYC. As the seconds counted down the T.V. shut off. Parental controls shut down cable at midnight. FML
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Nowhere is in Kansas. and you can watch the ball drop's not the same, but...Happy New Year anyway?

what's the parental control code? i bet it's 0000 mwahahaha...


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ouch. some parents just dont understand or are jsut very paranoid. hopefully your friends taped it and you can watch it there.

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Yay #2, you fail. Congratulaions :D now go and get a life instead of trying to be first. And OP...that sucks, try standing up for yourself. Depending on how old you are. If you're younger than 15, then don't bother. Older that 15, tell them where to shove their parental controls.

Don't feel too sorry for her considering NYC is an hour ahead of IL so it would be at 11. Nice try but I live in Illinois and I watched that one. It was quite nice.

retard. they show it every hour so each time zone gets it.

ipwnallmen 10

lol, poor miki! and she's maybe 12-14, or maybe 10-11 O.o''''

shouldve watched the one in LA GREEN DAY PLAYED! yeah. but fyl for having strict parents.

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This reminds me... I thought New York was an hour or two ahead of Illinois...? So... The OP should have been able to see the first ball drop. I must still be buzzed, because typing "ball drop" made me laugh..

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The new york drop is recorded (surprise!!!) and played again at midnight in each of the US time zones

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I used to watch it at 9pm(as I mentioned below) when I was younger. Then at 10pm. Then 11pm. Then at midnight.

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oh really? when I watch it it happens at 11pm n only at 11pm. and then i go and watch one tht happens at my time

learn timezones retard that wouldn't work.

#4 is your really name rooroo/andy-roo/andy/andiroo/roo-de-doo/andrew?????

FYL!! I spent my parents are nearly as bad, they didn't let me watch tv after midnight too until I stuck up for myself a few months ago. I'm 16

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try celebrating when the cell door locks you in at midnight. u should be so lucky to spend it with ppl who love you not someone who might take ur ass!

You're a dumb-ass. The ball drop is recorded at midnight in NYC and is replayed in every time zone at midnight. What kind of sense does that make otherwise?

I live in the central time zone as well and for as long as I can remember the ball drop has always been broadcast at 11:00.