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By  alex_gen  |  38

What a shitty situation.

  PANDORUM89  |  21

I don't understand this. I mean if you are having explosive craps that burn like the fires of hell, then maybe you should 1. stop eating at taco bell or 2. change what you order from there, maybe cut back on the added hot sauce. I'm a frequent flyer with them and I've never experienced this problem.

  derangedplanet  |  23

you sure you don't have a fun store manager 66? hah. and I don't actually eat taco bell really because I don't eat meat. but I've heard all the notable complaints from everyone. plus addictions come at a cost....

  tantanpanda  |  26

Cranberry juice doesn't get rid of current infections since the bacteria are already in the mucous lining. Cranberry juice does, however, line the urethra to prevent infection.

By  lulinator  |  40

Go get the damn antibiotics! I used the cranberry method to try to get rid of a bladder infection this summer, and I thought it worked because the pain was gone. Until a week and a half later when I came down with a horrible kidney infection, I wanted to die. Cranberry juice and pills are a preventative, not a cure.

  Movel  |  17

Don't get antibiotics unless you actally have an infection and your doctor tells you to take them! Unnecessary and wrong use of antibiotics leads to resistant bacteria, which can possibly kill people. Let your immune system do its job! (to a certain degree of course)

  lulinator  |  40

Obviously that goes without saying. Any decent doctor will do a urine test to ensure the patient actually has a UTI before prescribing the antibiotics.

  9a_1z  |  12

I agree people shouldn't leap straight to antibiotics for everything, but that sounds terrible, UTIs can be horrible. Going to the doctors and getting your urine tested is a reasonable thing to do, it doesn't necessarily mean they'll be pumping you full of antibiotics if they don't think they're needed.

  Snaxia  |  12

Honestly you should not wait to let the body flush it out. Last time I did that I ended up exasperating the problem and getting a kidney infection. As much as antibiotics suck, sometimes we have to utilize the modern medicine we have and just take them.

  ce2009  |  4

I wish more people would think this way most of the time of you're already feeling a you it's too late to try to flush it out of your system. and yes antibiotics suck but your Dr is supposed to wait for a culture to come back to prescribe an antibiotic that should work unfortunately I know about this shit all too well