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Today, I found out I'm on wage garnishment because my mother, who took out a student loan for me back in '05, didn't pay off the $2015 owed when she said she would. I got screwed over financially because of her. FML
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While she did dick you over by not doing what she said she would, you shouldn't be relying on your mother to take out student loans for you anyway. If you're old enough to go to college then you're old enough to fill out the paperwork for a loan.

So you're moaning because your mum didn't pay of YOUR debt? Boo Hoo.


While she did dick you over by not doing what she said she would, you shouldn't be relying on your mother to take out student loans for you anyway. If you're old enough to go to college then you're old enough to fill out the paperwork for a loan.

You deserve it because you're the one getting the schooling.

I agree with this. If you're in college, do the paperwork yourself. Also, YDI for not making 100% sure it was paid back. Never take anyone's word for things as important as this.

That isn't the point. The mother said she would pay back the loans. Was the burden on her originally? No, not really. Did she have to pay? Not at all. Did she actually say she would pay? YES. It doesn't matter what happened before; if you say you're going to do something, you should do it. If you can't or don't want to, then don't agree to it in the first place.

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Actually, many people, myself included, are refused higher amounts of personal loans. I get capped at a certain amount that is not nearly enough to pay for schooling, so my parents have had to take out their own loans for me. The beauty of being middle class. Too poor to pay for college, too rich too receive government help.

your crying about $2015 what are they taking out of check $10 a week

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Actually I started college when I was not always.

So you're moaning because your mum didn't pay of YOUR debt? Boo Hoo.

Its your debt in the first place.... and if its something important (that can ruin your credit) you should have been on top of that...

dude. it was a student loan FOR YOU. You pay it back. Why do people just assume their parents should pay for everything? Grow up. I'm happy to pay off my student loan considering all the money my parents spent just to raise me. Think about all the money that it takes to raise kids these days and imagine what it would be like if you had to pay your parents back dime for dime.

"...when she said she would..." I guess the mom really doesn't mind paying it back. If she did, she should have just been honest and said, "Look, you should pay this back. Maybe I'll help a little, but it's your responsibility." Hell, maybe OP even offered to, but the mom refused.

@mghnmrgn, I completely agree that it is her debt and she should have to repay, the second part of your argument is where I find a problem as you infer that something is owed to the parents for raising a child. You do not owe your parents for raising you it is part of the fine print of the night of fun they had. You should of course be grateful, but it is not something to be repaid. If you think your kids are supposed to repay what the parents have paid to raise the child, then you probably shouldn't be having kids.

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Most people are in debt tens of thousands of dollars for college. You are lucky. Get an extra job until you pay it off. Ask mom for some help with other bills. Its not the end of the world. Two thousand dollars...ooooh so scary.

I'm not inferring that you have to pay your parents back for raising you. I thought that the word "imagine" would have been a clear indication of what I was trying to say. I guess not. Must remember to capatilize all important words in my comments on message boards so the pedants will understand. What I MEANT was: considering all of the money that was spent raising a child, why should that parent be responsible to pay for EXPENSES ACCRUED once the child is an ADULT? If the money spent raising the child were to HYPOTHETICALLY be considered a loan to be payed back (without interest) maybe this spoiled young ADULT would have a better appreciation for money and become more responsible instead of projecting guilt onto a parent who has already given so much. To everyone who is bringing up that she agreed to pay for it... it doesn't matter. As an adult you are responsible for your own well being. This person should have realized the financial strain this would have on a parent and should have found other means to pay for it. Like talking to a financial advisor about paying it in manageable increments. It's not rocket science.

it doesn't matter, she said she would pay for it.

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1) i sort of doubt this is the whole story... if your mother took out the loan, then defaulting would affect her- not you. she can't take out a loan in her name and then have you on the hook for it. doesn't work like that. so either you misunderstood and she merely co-signed (which means it's your loan not hers) or she offered to repay one of your loans and you didn't bother doing the responsible thing and keep track of when payments were made. 2) my mom wouldn't even provide tax returns when i went to college. i had to be declared an independent student because she wouldn't even speak to the financial aid department (that and she kicked me out at 16). you are lucky your mom cared enough to offer. be more responsible.

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we took out the loans in my name. my parents paid for 4 years of schooling. my mom and dad are almost done paying off my student loan. this could be the same situation. some of my friends are paying off their student debt still. my parents said we will pay for 4 years if it takes you more time to do that or you want additional schooling pay for it yourself but we dont want you entering the real world trying to pay off so much debt. some parents can do this. im eteranlly grateful to my parents for doing so. im also responsible for all other monetary aspects in my life. this was a gift my parents gave. so it is possible this happened and for everyone saying to pay off your own debt on your own and be responsible stfu. the op could be responsible but if the parent said I WILL PAY FOR YOU then that usually means I WILL PAY FOR YOU.

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Guys, there's this thing called a "PLUS" loan. It's in the PARENT'S NAME, and is meant to be paid off by the PARENT. Yes, it's money to be put towards the student's education, but that doesn't mean that the student is supposed to or even expected to pay it off themselves. Many parents, including my own, are taking out large PLUS loans so that I won't be slammed with huge amounts of personal debt. However, the student's name is obviously connected to the loan, so, in the event that the parent defaults on the loan, the student may be expected to make payments. The OP ought to be more grateful for the loans, but her mother should have made payments in the first place.

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^ I'm not positive about that last part of the second paragraph. It's been explained to me a couple of different ways, so don't quote me on anything!

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from the parent plus loan website. "When my child is done with school, can I transfer the PLUS Loan to them? No. The PLUS Loan is a Parent loan, taken out in the parent's name. The student is not the borrower. If, as a parent, you are interested in a loan that has such a feature, you'll need to resort to private student loans. These loans are in the student's name, and depending on the lender, may have a cosigner release option. After a certain number of consecutive on time payments, the parent (as a co-signer) can apply to be released from the loan, making it entirely the student's obligation." it's his loan. this kid is full of crap.

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This isn't a "Plus Loan" or the Op wouldn't have to pay it back, the parent would. This must be a regular stafford loan which is in the students name, the parent just sort of co-signs it. Regardless the education was the OP's not the parents. it's nice if the parent pays for it but the OP is not entitled to it. Be grateful OP that your parent paid any part of your education, many of us didn't have that option and have to pay back our loans ourselves. I would tell you what I really thought of you, they involve the words whiney and something related to a female dog, but it would be moderated if I said that.

yeah, he's whining because his mother didn't do what she said she would. that's what he gets for trusting his mom i guess

False. If the parent takes out a PLUS loan for a student, the loan is fully the parent's responsibility. It is not possible for the lender to push the loan onto the student if the parent defaults or files bankruptcy. The only time that is a possibility is if there is a cosigner. It is highly possible that the loan was taken in the parent's name with the student as a cosigner, or vice versa. Regardless, the student went to college on these funds and should be responsible enough to pay it back. After all, if he was being considered responsible for the debt, the lender must make good faith attempts to collect the money- this usually equates to several phone calls a day, Monday through Saturday, complete with threatening phone messages and weekly threatening letters- for at least 180 days, AKA 6 months, before the loan can be charged off. At that point most lenders have a pre-default collection department that will become even more aggressive about collection efforts. After charge-off they have to summon the borrower to court to be sued for the funds, and only after several attempts at THAT can the wages be garnished. It is almost completely impossible to garnish someone's wages without them being aware of the responsibility in the first place.

a PLUS loan is exactly that...a Paretnt Loan for Undergraduate Student. The parent borrower is the person responsible for taking out the loan for the student and thus is responsible for repaying the loan. The PARENT is respnsible for repaying the loan not the student. So your situation sounds like YOU took out a student loan and maybe your mother offered to HELP pay for it. You let it default and now they are taking 15% of your wages....(about $300 per check-based on your numbers.) That is totally your fault, and i have absolutely NO sympathy for you at all. I deal with this situation on a daily basis, and if you guys would just PAY BACK the money you PROMISED you would BEFORE the loans defaulted, then wage garnishment, federal offset, and collection agency fees would never need to happen.

That ain't shit! I still owe about 13,000 on my student loans. Uggh.