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  jwade11  |  12

This FML is so gross just reading it makes me nauseated!!! This is one FML I wish I could vote continuously and I'd vote OP's life sucks like a million and two times!!!

  SuperKnuckels  |  6

A scab is a person who works in a union but doesnt strike with their people in the union but rather "took their jobs!!" or just the blood/skin cells repairing themself when you get hurt so.. gross.

  OneNightStan  |  2

We both know if your in Chem class and the guy in front of is picking his scabs and eating them, your going to look. I bet he was thinking
"awwww he's not going to eat that is he... Awwww wtf! Wait wait, I think he's about to do it again, awwww omg what's wrong with this kid. Is his arm bleeding or is that pus? "

  mexicanguy39  |  7

2- you should change the pic you have because you have no muscle so it looks stupid.. And mirror shots are for girls.. Just saying.. But i do agree with what you said!

OP-thats nasty, but you really could have ignored him..

  graham11  |  14

4- OP: *throws up*
Scab eater: "yes! I was wanting something to dip my scabs in!"
Just typing this made me want to throw up then throw myself out of a window.

By  every1luvsboners  |  11

Are you considered a cannibal if you eat yourself? Scabs do look like Frosted Flakes so I can see saving them up then eating them monthly in a bowl of milk. Eating them in class is just wrong.

  BeefyQueef  |  5

recipe for scab stew: first, gather a large collection of scabs, feel free to throw in your friends scabs for a new flavour. second, find a large pot to boil the scabs for a good 20-30 minutes. once the scabs have turned into a yummy paste, add any variety of toenails, earwax, or belly button lint to the mixture and stir well. let the stew cool and pour into bowls and there you have it! the perfect holiday meal for friends and family. Enjoy!

  JustAGuy18  |  0

Chemistry is boring, makes you go sleep.
This kid is gross, makes you stay awake.

Sleep- bad dreams. Trouble with teacher.
Awake- throws up. Free ride out of the classes. (: