By cuppycakeslove - 07/12/2011 11:35 - United States

Today, I had to sit through chemistry class watching the kid in front of me slowly peel off the scabs on his arms, examine them, and then eat them. For an hour. FML
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You could have not paid attention to him, and actually learn something?

RedPillSucks 31

throw up on his back. That'll teach him.


m0tl3ycru3 0

I've gotta quit eating and reading FMLs at the same time

jwade11 12

This FML is so gross just reading it makes me nauseated!!! This is one FML I wish I could vote continuously and I'd vote OP's life sucks like a million and two times!!!

Hey scabs are quite tasty if seasoned just right and also very nutritious.

m0tl3ycru3, that's a rule a majority of people begin to follow after reading some of perdix's comments. :P

I would have blatantly told him to stop or make subtle hints to tell him that that's fucken disgusting.

Muslimgal92 0

Good think I don't know what scabs is...i would've spit the food. Seems gross though:)

A scab is a person who works in a union but doesnt strike with their people in the union but rather "took their jobs!!" or just the blood/skin cells repairing themself when you get hurt so.. gross.

I guess you could say the experience left you... Mentally scarred. Eh? No? Well, shit.

Llama_Face89 33

61- it's a clot of blood that forms after you cut yourself to keep dirt and bacteria and other shot out.

mariyaaa 0

I probably shouldn't have read this while eating lunch...

Sounds yummy! Filled with tons of proteins

Theres moments like these were you wonder what could drive you to do such a thing..

it's funny because he's probably getting a better grade than you in that class

xoochristineoox 7

I agree, I hate when people do that! I always have to look away cause it's too disturbing!!

SpruceDread4578 13

Its actually platelets, guys. Not blood/skin cells. We all must have learned this in health class in middle school!

You would be wrong, 199. It's actually a mixture of trapped blood cells, loose dead flesh, platelets, and clotting protein.

AliCat18 12

#61 am i being really stupid by asking, how do you not know what a scab is?

You could have not paid attention to him, and actually learn something?

OneNightStan 2

We both know if your in Chem class and the guy in front of is picking his scabs and eating them, your going to look. I bet he was thinking "awwww he's not going to eat that is he... Awwww wtf! Wait wait, I think he's about to do it again, awwww omg what's wrong with this kid. Is his arm bleeding or is that pus? "

leogirl95 12

Your reaction somewhat reminds me of mine watching 2 girls 1 cup.... I guess they are both just as bad to me. *blah*

-2 What is this learn word you speak of?

princessmollysue 9

#2 your hot but your wrong .it's hard to concentrate when some one doing such an nasty thing

If a girl was picking her scabs in front of you in class would you be able to pay attention?:P

jazziness 12

36- I feel like that's something they'd put on family guy and have Stewie say it!

I may or may not have dry heaved a bit after reading the puss part of 36's comment. -_-

Watching someone eat pieces of themselves is just a LITTLE distracting....

Yuck. Who the heck eats scabs that's discusting.

2- you should change the pic you have because you have no muscle so it looks stupid.. And mirror shots are for girls.. Just saying.. But i do agree with what you said! OP-thats nasty, but you really could have ignored him..

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Are u kidding me his muscles are nice...

SauceySarah 30

Tried it before as a kid, it's disgusting.

Llamacod 11

Uhhh, the kid in front of op, duh.

nixter5 18

Better question, who makes people pull neck muscles while trying to see your picture?

kdog3811 6

There's a girl in my chem class that does that!!! Only she also pulls out a mirror to examine her zits and pops them too.

RedPillSucks 31

throw up on his back. That'll teach him.

"Shit yeah, salsa for my scabby patties!"

@ #46 - Then the OP will vomit from that, and a vicious cycle begins.

4- OP: *throws up* Scab eater: "yes! I was wanting something to dip my scabs in!" Just typing this made me want to throw up then throw myself out of a window.

every1luvsboners 11

Are you considered a cannibal if you eat yourself? Scabs do look like Frosted Flakes so I can see saving them up then eating them monthly in a bowl of milk. Eating them in class is just wrong.

So at least you think eating them in class is wrong You're disturbing ..

ikickgingers 15

At least you don't wear braces. Well, it would be like saving a snack for later?

flockz 19

braces are weak. my adoptive parents are half bird, and regurgitate the food for me. the stomach acid adds to the flavor.

The_Troller 14

They also make great ice cream toppings in place of sprinkles if you grind them up first. Although they do have quite an odd texture.

Flockz and boners on the same post, holy ****** shit!?!?!?!?!?

Cue the music, cause 140 jizzed... In.. His pants...

recipe for scab stew: first, gather a large collection of scabs, feel free to throw in your friends scabs for a new flavour. second, find a large pot to boil the scabs for a good 20-30 minutes. once the scabs have turned into a yummy paste, add any variety of toenails, earwax, or belly button lint to the mixture and stir well. let the stew cool and pour into bowls and there you have it! the perfect holiday meal for friends and family. Enjoy!

FeroniaMoonscyth 2

goldmember ate his dead skin, not scabs. I win.

128- you obviously failed any science course. I win.

SpruceDread4578 13

137- Actually platelets. I win.

Scabs are platelets from your blood that hardens when it comes in contact with the air. I win.

SpruceDread4578 13

Pay attention in class instead of staring at this person! Problem solved.

soccerchicx9x 5

If the kid is right in front of you and you're in CHEMISTRY, it would be pretty distracting and hard to pay attention.......

Chemistry is amazing so I would always pay attention no matter what.

soccerchicx9x 5

Yes but from what I've heard and seen, manyyy people hate chemistry.

JustAGuy18 0

Chemistry is boring, makes you go sleep. This kid is gross, makes you stay awake. Sleep- bad dreams. Trouble with teacher. Awake- throws up. Free ride out of the classes. (:

jwade11 12

That is the most disgusting thing I have read on here!! I would of told the kid to stop being ****** disgusting!!

jwade11 12

Dude I'm calm... Quit reading my posts as if I'm screaming .... I was more or less whispering it with enthusiasm!!!

gabrielbaby 9

! Or EXCLAMATION POINTS! Mean screaming or excitement. Normally, I don't know a place or a specific person that talks calmly with exclamation points.

The_Troller 14

Obviously you haven't read the one about blowing up condoms like balloons.

jwade11 12

I'm just naturally a dramatic person!! You just gotta know me.

jwade11 12

I just like to start ******** my floor! It's what I do because I don't give a ****!!

182- clean up on aisle 4!!!!!! Oh wait.. All of those exclamation marks mean that I'm whispering with enthusiasm.

He might have a skin related problem, or maybe he's just a really clumsy/rough person.

gabrielbaby 9

He hurts himself to make the scab so he can eat them....