By even axe would smell better - / Tuesday 4 February 2014 18:55 / United Kingdom - Aylesbury
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  colton_colton  |  49

I think i'm going to go dry heave

  RadikulRam  |  16

"every day or two."
That's the worse, when people just shower, sleep, wake up, change clothes and think it's enough. It's not, and I feel it's best that it's told straight up.

  142_cats  |  13

I remember some kid the size of a fucking gorilla in class was being a twat and got sent next to me and started throwing my stuff out the window until the teacher suspended him. I could never find my butter scented pencil after that.

  Lilxpie  |  18

Erin, if you are in the UK (i think it's not axe there) or Australia or somewhere else its called Lynx. It's a body spray. Axe and Lynx are the same thing but different names.

  kirrra  |  11

you didnt really state that you meant there was nothing op could do, just that there is no cure...which there is. also, op could bring the subject up in a sensitive manner with the person, or a another person in a better position to speak to the person.

  Dthsapprntc  |  23

Would it also be immature to hose him down with a firehose with a nice smelling showergel injected directly into the waterstream?

Actually I don't care how immature it is, it just sounds like fun.

  alphabetta  |  23

Well, a lot of the time people can't smell their BO, but judging by how strong the smell was, he should have been able to smell himself.

...maybe his nose built up a resistance? idk xD

  Gittoh  |  21

it might be Anosmia, people who suffers from this tend to smell a lot since they simply can't tell.
I would talk with this kid and his parents, he might get bullied or worse if no one helps him. Silence is mean in this case

  ajh1551  |  14

#35 The brain filters out smells that you are constantly around, it is designed to prevent an overloading of the senses... That's why owners of smelly dogs can't smell their dogs/ Don't know their house smells of dog...

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