By acneface - 21/10/2009 06:59 - United States

Today, my math teacher decided to use my acne as an example of symmetry in front of the whole class. FML
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OMG, that's one of the most emberrassing FML's I've ever read. I'm so sorry :(

ouch! that's pretty insensitive.


LOL. Edit: First...sorry had to do it.

You're not sorry.

I thought people stopped typing "first" before 8th grade?

dudeitsdanny 9

FML has inspired me. Next time I have sex with a (at the time) virgin... I'm gonna write "First! -Daniel G" on her bedroom wall.

Reyo 2

This is a "Fuck you Mr. so-and-so" moment.

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Your acne is symmetrical? Freaking cool!! I mean, that sucks, FYL....

Hey, all the cool kids type "first" on their post! :P

lizzilla8297 2

you still study symmetry?

BTheIRules 1

61- this is very "cool" indeed. Aww Perfect Symmetry.

ouch! that's pretty insensitive.

Oh and by the way, can someone please fix the symmetry typo?

Looks like they did.

OMG, that's one of the most emberrassing FML's I've ever read. I'm so sorry :(

Veritas143 0

Well atleast some chick didn't cut off his dick and throw it out of a moving car..there's always that!

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Really, #6!? Really!? "Wash your face?" Do you honestly not think that if just by washing their face people could get rid of acne ANYONE would still have it? This FML isn't funny at all, just sick. Report that teacher; that is not right.

Veritas143 0

He must be doing something right if his acne is symmetrical! :-P

23 Acne is caused by oils getting in the pores of your skin, therefore, washing your face would prevent acne.

#94 and #6 do you not know what hormones are what they can do?

what an a hole!!! I would tell my parents to call the school and get that freaking teacher I'm trouble. teachers always listen to parents theyr scared of them I think

they're scared of them because the parents pay the taxes, and therefore write the teachers' checks.

I would complain. that's not right.

blah123blah 0

don't you mean asemetry? (probably misspelled it, but you get the point!)

jw90 18

No he's not lol. but damn OP that sucks...clear up that acne and you won't have a problem.

smartalek 2

its hard. im a teen and I work my butt off to clear my skin, but I can't. :/ sometimes u just gotta wait.

I imagine that made you a little red in the face...err..."reder"