By anonymous - 16/02/2010 01:25 - United States

Today, I was really excited to be observing my first autopsy for my forensics class. Apparently so was the guy behind me. He barfed up ramen noodles all over my hair and back. I couldn't leave the room to clean up. For two hours. FML
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frivolous 0

I hear ramen noodles is good shampoo.

perdix 29

You are confused. Ramen noodles are good hair extensions.


TWas all or dream or a shitty day

The all new I cant believe its not ramen noodles Now in stores

Hanban 0

Yummy. This is why I enjoyed watching Pathology.

10 win :P

bs why would you have to stay there

What kind of ramen was it? ;)

atleast you had something to snack on during the session!

Tenebrae 0

Ick. Forensics is my fifth fall back if microbiology doesn't work.

A. When observing an autopsy for a class such as forensics, you are usually tested on procedure and other subject matter. B. It is beyond rude to walk out during a lecture of presentation. ME's and coroners are grotesquely busy individuals, so to walk out during a presentation would be deplorable, not to mention excruciatingly disruptive. C. Guess what...if you're entering into a forensic field, you better get used to vomit and other interesting fluids and smells. It is not uncommon for the newbies to be locked in the morgue freezer as a hazing ritual, so....

frivolous 0

I hear ramen noodles is good shampoo.

perdix 29

You are confused. Ramen noodles are good hair extensions.

probably was itchiban rofl

Girl, be glad. On my friend's autopsy observation, some guy put a dead man's dick in her pocket.

MadaZer0 8

.... Whore-move...

perdix 29

Oh, snick, you are going to have to wait a while. After reading your comment, it stood up and started looking around ;)

perdix 29

Snickerdoodles, I tried to reply to your PM and answer your question, but it said you blocked me.

There woulda been a fresh body for the next class' autopsy in about two seconds if I was there. (Kidding, you morons!)

Win for Luckster!

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lickmyjock 0

Next time react faster and you won't get puked on.

React to what, exactly? if OP has eyes at the back of their head, idiot. You can't react to something you don't see coming.

lickmyjock 0

the pretty obvious BARFING sound.

not everyone makes a whole bunch of noise before the vomit actually comes out.. unless you're bulemic : so even if OP heard the noise I doubt there would be enough time to move out of the way..

lickmyjock 0

It takes like, what, two seconds to move to the side? Plenty enough time to get out of the way of projectile vomit that first has to travel down from the mouth, digesting in the stomach and back up your tubes...

That makes no sense... vomit generally starts in the stomach and just comes out... not that much time to do anything... but if that's how you vomit, I'm sorry....

apparently you eat vomit 25? o.O

When I puke, I don't make a sound before; only during.

@25 I thought vomit comes from the stomach--- doesn't even have time to stay in your mouth--- and when you gag it forcefully comes out.

Rofl!!!! take THAT for two hours... Betch!! but seriously ew, it would be a FHL... angry college student shit on you for hours... have him pay for a day at the salon??

Oh yes. Make the room smell like shit and vomit. You know, I think you're on to something. Contact Glade and share your idea.

PsychoMerk 0

is this post-BONES?? O_O

Post awesomest show on the planet or post skeleton? Because bag that show and you'll be making dickheads barf up ramen noodles.

jeffcuhz 0

You shouldve turned around stick you finger down your throat and barf all over his face! Rofl!!!!!!!