By JB - 07/12/2011 14:29 - United States

Today, it was my first day as a vacuum salesman. While I was demonstrating how well it removed stains, I managed to smear stuff over the area I was cleaning. So not only was I unsuccessful in removing the original stains, I left them with worse carpet than when I got there. FML
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Wow you used their carpet! Jesus bring a tester one or something, don't go trashing peoples homes

"...and this is how not to use it"


Bravo, hope you don't get sued. And maybe it was shit you smeared?

Your pic is scary 0_0

Your pic is hot.

rexgar2000 10

that's sucks... I would be embarrassed as hell, I wonder what you had to say to defend yourself against something like this.

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OP name is Justin beiber (JB)! lol Apparently JB has a second job as a vacuum sales man!! Hmm...

flockz 19

ya except the only suction he sells comes from his lips. you made that too easy.

Jack in the Box

20 - or Jack in a Box. Also, excuse me while I go kill myself for the double post.

crazyfella 0

Someone didn't read the instructions..........

Or BJ for blow job but instead he rearranged the letters so it means JB job Blows ?

No, it doesn't blow, it sucks.

Hahaha fail ydi! And second

"I left them with worse carpet than when I got there" could have been written a lot better

Wow you used their carpet! Jesus bring a tester one or something, don't go trashing peoples homes

nixter5 18

You should've been like "Yeah uh....about that..." and just ran out the door as fast as you can haha.

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That sucks

You know what would be really funny, if you were to keep on reading this comment, no seriously you're still reading. How stupid are you?

left them? on no, I'd be pissed off, yud buy me a new carpet.

yumlicious 4

Definitely yud.

Here's mine. He says he will clean any mess he makes. He leaves a pile of dirt on my carpet and while packing his car, simply left once packed. No goodbye. I vacuum it up, found the office and complained. The manager said, "well, it's your dirt isn't it?". Outraged, I dumped the canister on his desk and phone and replied, "Now it's yours". I was SOOO pissed.

Your life sucks because you are a vacuum salesman. See what I did there?

Muslimgal92 0

No we did not, please explain this horrible "pun" of yours!

Let me try? "Suck" it up OP, quit complaining and just fix it. No? XP

me_gusta_eso 1

This comment was so terrible I think he/she was kidding..

samikitty961 8

that was funny! haha! lol! don't feel bad calyx! i got the joke!

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Yes yes I did, you made an ass of yourself.

now what kind of vacuum do you sell?

One that doesn't suck as much as his job.

Your BMW is hot af

"...and this is how not to use it"

*will not remove bullshit stains

Time to switch vacuum companies! It's not your fault the vacuum doesn't do what you were led to believe it would. You were just doing your job.

Yes I feel like an idiot after reading the FML a second time and realizing he accidentally spilled something.

rexgar2000 10

no where in the FML does it say he spilled something. Read again.

10 - The company shouldn't have "led him to believe" anything. Whatever the company said about the vacuums, he should have tried the vacuums out on a variety of surfaces with a variety of stuff on the floor to vacuum up to test the vacuums before taking the job. If he didn't try them out before accepting, this problem he created would have been his own damn fault.

40, You don't understand how the business world works do you? If a company says a product can do something it is not up to the sales rep to check if its bullshit and avoid demonstrating it to the customer, the product HAS TO do what it claims. Stating claims that are false is illegal.

This is why you don't test vacuums on shit stains...