By Anonymous - 31/05/2013 04:20 - United States - Murfreesboro

Today, I had to set parental controls on my iPad so my dad couldn't watch dirty videos on Youtube. FML
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Well they are called "parental controls".

ApollosMyth 22

If it's your iPad, why not just put a passcode he doesn't know?


Well they are called "parental controls".

jojj351 12

At least it's only YouTube, hopefully he never discovers the endless amount of sights that have some REALLY dirty movies for free... you may never see your iPad again.

I'm still wondering exactly what "dirty videos" were on Youtube. The moment I see even the slightest hint of a nipple on there, Google swoops in and blocks that shit.

Shut up they were on YouPorn just admit it...

groovycrazyjoe 18

how will she explain why she have parental control to her dad on her iPad

ApollosMyth 22

If it's your iPad, why not just put a passcode he doesn't know?

maybe he bought it for her. it happens quite often that parents buy their kids something expensive under the condition that they can use it too.

ApollosMyth 22

If that's the case, I wouldn't very well call it "OP's iPad".

The I in iPad actually stands for interactive ;) But "OP's iPad" means she's the main user of it and probably allows her dad to use it, until this instance anyway lol

You should send me the links. You know, so I can better understand the problem.

The fact that #5 has 69 thumbs up makes it even better.

I had to thumb down so it had 69 thumbs up

Well this isn't something you see everyday! Oh wait it FML you kind of do

What kind of videos would you get off YouTube anyway?

I'm sure OP meant YouPorn. You know how autocorrect works.

20) No, I think it's supposed to be Youtube. If it was YouPorn, OP would have just said he'd been watching ****, not "dirty videos".

You can see breast examinations, genital examinations and art performances. All on youtube all with full frontal nudity.

Wow. I think you should have the "Talk" with your father.

Dirty videos on Youtube?! Since when is that a thing?

lexi365 20

College Humor can be pretty dirty haha. ;)

#40 while they may have dirty undertones they really don't show anything dirty. Well they censor it at least..

#10 well people get round this by watching examinations. Like how to perform a ****** or Breast exam. I know this because em... my friend told me...

Not sure why'd you'd bother to do that when the internet is jam packed with free ****, but I suppose there's at least one person in the world with a medical instructional video fetish.

Grauncho 27

You're brave for still touching that iPad.

It's almost like a virtual strip club.