By imonfmlnow - 13/8/2015 16:24 - United States
  Today, my boyfriend and I were about to have sex, and he asked me to tell him what I wanted him to do. I said I wanted him to make me scream and cum. To which he replied, "Okay, be realistic now". FML
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Some of your comments kind of make me cringe, but this is FML so I guess I should have expected that. It was in fact not my boyfriends first time, not even close :P it was one of my first times, actually. He is the first person I've had sex with, and he knows what he's doing WAY more than I do. Anyways, he's just a really funny guy. He's confident and cocky and a goober and i love him. The first time we had sex I told him to talk dirty to me so he said okay and started whispering things like "the kitchen sink. The floor when I don't vacuum." And we both ended up laughing so hard we were crying. He's a fantastic guy, the love of my life, and I wouldn't leave him for anything. To wrap this up, why are people saying my expectations are too high? I've never had an orgasm, but I've given my boyfriend more than a few. I just wanted to know if I could have one, because I haven't got anywhere near an orgasm yet in any sexual situations I've had in my whole life. I wasn't having false expectations, I think it's pretty normal to want to experience an orgasm. Anyway, thanks for reading!
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  MRSwick2525  |  23

Sounds like OP should learn how to tell her boyfriend what she likes in bed other then the normal thing young kids say. Maybe tell the kid how you like it instead of saying "Oh make me scream and make me Cum!" My cat does that on his own!! Communicate with him.

By  spursunited  |  19

Op have you tried helping him find the right spot? You guys could have a sexy learning time where you show him what to do and next time you do it you'll reach satisfaction and your boyfriend will now know the legendary myth known as a female orgasm