By Anonymous - 20/03/2010 08:38 - Australia

Today, I had to explain to my dad why it is important for him to clear the browsing history after watching sexual explicit material on the family computer. FML
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That doesn't even make grammatical sense


ashlynn610 12

no one gives a damn that you are second, just saying.

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Oh the OP is his daughter. It would be slightly less akward if she was his son instead.

.....And then when the girl say pussy she thought of KITTY

Ash obvyusly he/she is stupid. Just ignore.

I love it that rawr knows of a pornsite. girls like that are awesome in my book.

and the op is stupid. if you know how to clear the browsing history then just change the Internet settings to not save browsing history.

hotscar 3

well everyone knows about youjizz and slutload and youporn and redtube

omg obviously. lol the new spelling for this word is crazy.

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haaah are we going to make this take up 5 pages again? lol XD

ashlynn610 12

actually hotscar, I didn't even know about any of those sites... (:

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hiiiii I don't know you but everyone is saying hi!!!

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you most likely set up the webcam and watch ur dad jack it you sick **** incest. go shove a stick up your ass and kill yourself. please soon

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^ I don't know where this comment came from, but send it back. ._.

LOL obvyusly? #9 your English teacher would be so proud.

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Hey bezach! Sorry I missed you earlier, Lol! ;) @pendatic I agree. 5 hours ago wouldn't be soon enough.

you just wanted an excuse to use the word explict

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haha wouldn't that be embarassing...

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sounds like your dad wants you to watch **** with u ;D

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let's all discuss favorite Porno websites now shall we?

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I know of pornhub and spankwire

Struck between redtube or pornotube. :/

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anyone gone to and aerisdies anyone? Hentai, but still. . .

youporn is good for a laugh as well as the obvious.

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emily420 0 lol I'm done that's all spankwire pretty good too. lol

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there is also

ElMetalero 0 is pretty cool, tons of free videos

ElMetalero 0 is pretty cool, tons of free videos

mama2b3 20

ha why do you have to be the one to explain this? akward lol

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But it wouldn't be cool if OP found homemade **** of mommy and daddy... :(