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Not her fault she's a MILF.

But it is her fault that she's a backstabbing slut.


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But it is her fault that she's a backstabbing slut.

It's downright awful to backstab family members, especially with their partners/love interests. Her mom has quite a bit of explaining to do.

in this case MILF is an acronym for Mine Is a Life Fucked....

Pretty sure you wouldn't call her a "mine is a life fucked"...? O.o nor did anyone use it in that context.

That's pretty rough...

Just the way she liked it

Those damn cougars, always on the prowl for that fresh meat

You didn't even realize they got together after you broke up?

They probably didn't "get together" most likely just had some more sex after that until she got bored. Cougars don't "get together"

True, although not always the case haha

No kidding! Two years and it never occurred to you?

i saw this in a movie once

Naw it was called no strings attatched

Make her feel like shit about it, apparently she pursued him too or else she would have stopped it from the beginning!

Lucky you! Time for mom to buy back you affection! What a betrayal. She may be your flesh and blood, but that shit doesn't fly any more. Be sure and make her sorry.

Doesn't fly anymore? Do you mean it used to be okay to sleep with your daughter's boyfriend?

Yeah, they sent out a memo about a month ago. Didn't you get it? Ill have it faxed over to you. It went something along the lines of.."Yeah, we've come to the conclusion that banging your daughter's boyfriend is a pretty scummy move. So if you could cut that out that'd be great. Yeah." Also, #7 your profile pic is what I imagine OP's reaction was.

I will never understand how relatives, especially parents, can do such a thing to their relatives. There really is no excuse for such behaviour! Also, who would want to be intimate with someone, who'd been intimate with their daughter/son. The very thought is kinda vile!

bamagrl410 31

It's spelled differently in other countries, 79.

Sorry to hear that hey, makes me angry reading this! The things I'd do to my PARTNER & MOTHER if this ever happened to me.

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry