By GiantsFan13 - 23/07/2013 14:49 - United States - Fort Collins

Today, I went to the Giants game. During the seventh inning stretch, they showed me on the jumbotron. It was just in time for the entire stadium to see me pull a tampon out of my purse. FML
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toughchick14 15

Well that's awkward, but at least everyone there knows you're not pregnant!

aw well, i bet nobody knows you personally


hatemylife45 9
friedpwnadge 25

Bloody hell, that must have been awkward.

There's a button for that. Also, it doesn't seem like the end of the world to me. Everyone has to deal with it OP and anyone with half a brain will just brush it off.

Oh, because we're ALL ignorant, right?

challan 19

"That plugs" would be more accurate.

ILoveMyArm 15

@26 Maybe even "that absorbs".

Holy shit that was you?!?!?! Dang I felt bad when I saw that

It just gets more and more annoying every time I see a comment like this

SwaggCapone 11

I bet the guy operating said something a little like "Hey, guys look at this chick...She's pulling out a tampon. Haha." You know the camera guy was looking at her when that happened.

#89 ahhh camera men. Always pointing at the right place at the right time...

michaelaranda 28

#33, really? Because im a season ticket holder and ive went to all of their games, and i cant remember anything like that But maybe im stupid and u guys are talking about a different sports team also called the giants and now i look ignorant for liking baseball And if u guys are talking about the sf giants, op, i didnt notice a moment like that, so hopefully, ur good. In other news, the giants are terrible this year

For a moment there I wasn't so sure she was going to say purse...

Why does this video not exist on YouTube, Google, Etc.?

aw well, i bet nobody knows you personally

At least she wasn't picking her nose or her butt.

DKjazz 20

Or doing either of those things with a tampon...

Well, NOW they know her personally enough.

Yeah. Only her friends, family and the whole stadium now.

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gloooooria 14

Why? It's not like she pulled the tampon out of her ******. A tampon being pulled out of a purse is nothing to be embarrassed about. All women have their periods. It's part of life.

SrakaSrakasta 20

Yeah but what is the point of parading it around if she's embarassed by it?

People have guns too ,but you don't take one out unless you intend to shoot it.

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1PersonIsMyWorld 22

also carrying a tampon compared to a giant, heavy purse to the bathroom is much easier

gloooooria 14

I'm not saying march up and down the aisles chanting here's a tampon because I'm on my period. But it's natural so be normal about it. If people (men) get weird about it that's on them not the bleeder. I just don't understand the fuss about showing a tampon. Also, guns kill. Tampons? Well tampons soak and plug.

It's not that a tampon creeps me out. It's just that if OP was embarrassed that she was shown with a tampon in her hand, she might as well have not pulled it out in public for no reason.

pretty sure she didn't pull it out for no reason. she was likely on her way to the washroom and didn't want to bring her purse with her, camera just got her in the middle of her exit. Mildly embarrassing sure, end of the world? not really.

But why would you leave your purse behind? Someone could steal it.

The size of some women's purses is ******. If the purse was huge YDI. How much shit do you really need to take with you?

yea like she is going to leave her purse unattended

DKjazz 20

-phone -wallet -keys -tampons -makeup -mirror -chihuahua -infant child -altiods

83- it possible she had a friend to watch it, but unless it's the size of a hockey bag, how hard is it to take with you? Most stalls I've seen have those handy little things inside the door to hang shit on.

"I just don't trust something that bleeds for days and doesn't die"-sarge

I completely agree. Tampons are nothing to be embarrassed about. I was getting a tampon out of my locker once and my manager rudely asked me what I thought I was doing. I just told him, "changing my tampon" and got to see him turn bright red. Women menstruate. And that's okay!

I just think it's weird how she'd randomly pull a tampon out of her purse in public. I mean, what was she gonna do with it then? But still, fyl for having that broadcasted to the whole stadium. I'd be pretty embarrassed too.

evan_7899 28

why is this voted down??? cant people joke around on this site?

toughchick14 15

Well that's awkward, but at least everyone there knows you're not pregnant!

Exactly! What if it had been a pregnancy test? That would be much worse, but taking a pregnancy test at a game would be a bit odd....

25 - You missed the point. I believe he was referring to the fact that pregnant woman don't have periods therefore don't carry around tampons.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

ya I think 25 would know that considering SHE is a CHICK herself.

60 - My bad. Should have looked at her profile instead of assuming from the guy in her pic.

toughchick14 15

Um 51? I'm a girl, but yes that was what I was referring to.

graceinsheepwear 33

95, I love your contingency plan!

Ah, come on, that's not so bad. At least they showed you on the camera. You could have pulled out worse things than a tampon, and a tampon is so small most people probably didn't even see what it was :)

CallMeMcFeelii 13

But on a jumbo-tron a 4 inch tampon immediately turns into a 20 foot tampon. Haha. I do agree though it isn't really that bad. Now if OP was a guy and for whatever reason had a tampon in hand, I could see the humility.

soupermeal 10

Humility is the condition of being humble lmao

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Yup used it wrong. Your parents proud now?

BeautifulChaos27 37

You know you can bring your purse into the bathroom and do that there right? Jumbo-tron or not people around you don't need to know you're bleeding out of your lady parts!

Not everyone wants to lug a big purse to the bathroom. Literally EVERY woman gets her period at some point. There's nothing to be ashamed about it.

BeautifulChaos27 37

Why would you want to leave a purse behind? I would assume you would take it with you so nothing gets stolen. And if it really is THAT big that it has to be "lugged" YDI for bringing your whole house with you. Wallet with your cards and some money, your keys, a cell phone, and some "emergency" supplies is all one really needs on them.

False. Some women never ovulate, thus no period.

I'm sure she went with someone to the game who could have watched her purse.

BeautifulChaos27 37

I wouldn't even trust people that I know to not go through my things, but I guess I just have trust issues.

Smoldering 15

If everything is important in your purse and that makes it heavy 1.its your fault 2. Why wouldn't you bring it because everything important is in their

Because we should hide the very thing that made all of us.

YDI, OP. For going to see a Giants team that isn't football! :P

bfsd42 20

At least all you guys have teams that sometimes win. I'm a padres fan. :(

threer 30
154rct 7

#8 another meat head obsessed with foot ball huh

Why were you pulling a tampon out while at a game? If you don't want people to it descreetly.

gloooooria 14

Because she was going to the bathroom to change it and most likely didn't want to take her suit case of a purse.

Smoldering 15

Maybe she just wanted to not have to dig though her purse in a tiny bathroom stall, and was going to hide it on her person. Like put it up her sleeve, or slip it in her pocket but she was caught while trying to do so.

Maybe I'm missing something, but it just seems like that could be done discreetly from a purse. Assuming OP had pockets that didn't hug her hips, she could have just pulled it from her purse and immediately transferred it to her pocket. When I'm grabbing a tampon, I don't hold it up in front of my face and examine it, especially if I don't want anyone else seeing it.

chocolatefrog28 29

You could have been picking your nose, it could have been much worse.