By Anonymous - 31/05/2013 04:16 - United States - Pleasant Grove

Today, I was texting my boyfriend when he said, "Hold up." Thinking it'd be funny, I ran and grabbed my copy of the movie Up, and took a picture of me holding it and sent it to him. He replied, "Getting real tired of your shit." Then dumped me for my "dumb taste in humor." FML
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He's the one with no humor. GOOD RIDDANCE.

You know what... You actually rock.


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Looks like OP's ex was acting a little down.

I would have thought that was hilarious!

Well, the first hint he's a jackass was that he said "Hold up" not "Hold on" or the numerous other ways he could have said it. You were just doing what he said, you can't "hold up".

55- ah but OP clearly demonstrates that she can! o_o

fishstick557 14

I thought it was funny. Wow he's a lousy boyfriend well ex but its okay OP you'll be better off without him

I thought it was funny too. Though it sounds like the boyfriend was going to break up with OP anyway and was just looking for an excuse. Who needs an asshole who can't appreciate your sense of humor anyway? :)

That's really cute and endearing. I think the bf was looking for an excuse to break up with her but couldn't come up with a legitimate reason. Don't worry, OP, we love your sense of humour!

alphaskater09 9

If I had a girlfriend, and if she did that, and if I had balls, I'd probably ask her to marry me.

I agree. I would love you forever if you had a sense if humor like that.

I think it's retarded. I would never have broken up with her over it, but it is a lame joke.

Sure you can. You can 'hold up' a liquor store.

He's dumb, because I laughed out loud.

He's the one with no humor. GOOD RIDDANCE.

I would've laughed, but done a face palm.

That was so corny it hurts to read.

3 your comment is so bad it hurts to read. OP's sense of humor on the other hand, is adorable. Her bf didn't deserve her anyways.

I agree. Not a good reason to dump someone for sure, but corny as all hell

Lil4life and fuzz97 - NO. Puns are the greatest form of wit. It's only the fools who don't understand them who think poorly of puns.

XDsmileyDX_fml 24

@37 Glad you're keeping your mind... Up tempo.

Doc, he who would pun would pick a pocket.

DocBastard, I really really REALLY hope that that was sarcasm

No, it was NOT sarcasm. Puns may seem silly, but they are the foundation of humour.

just because something was the original does not mean it's good "It's only the fools who don't understand them who think poorly of puns." Well I understood it perfectly and I still didn't think it was that funny. How do you figure that

#74 Maybe you just have no sense of humor.

beastseclipse 9

#74, You understood the pun. You don't understand humor.

Or maybe my sense of humor has advanced beyond corny puns

Its so corny, its adorable.

111- clearly it has. Your hilarious creepy man-baby picture obviously proves that.

you don't even know what my picture is of, do you? lol plus I fail to see how that has anything to do with my sense of humor. seems like you're grasping at straws there, champ

136, I think it shows a bit about your sense of humour. You find a baby with a uni-brow funny but you don't find puns funny. Just because your sense of humour has progressed on from corny puns as you said, it doesn't mean other people can't laugh at it. I personally think my sense of humour is quite broad. I like all types of it and I also don't get all ratty when someone makes a joke that I don't find funny. Different people like different things so stop being such an arse about it.

161, I think you have a very good point there

Here chip chip! *scratches legs* chippy!

Well that escalated quickly.

Well, that got old quickly.

Why does someone say this on every other FML? Come up with a new comment please.

MrBoredomioo 18

Overused much?

You know what... You actually rock.

You're awesome. You'll find someone who appreciates it. :)

rabidpeach 5

you are so thoughtful and insightful. Please tell me about the women whom you do not like at work.

Wow 91, you're a real douche canoe.

He doesn't deserve your awesome sense of humour.

hotPinklipstick 24

I find that quite hilarious. When someone asks me what's up, I normally respond with "a heartfelt Disney movie about an old man and a Boy Scout floating away in a house due to many balloons".

I bet that never gets old.

I always point to the ceiling or whatever is up. Have a friend who taught her young son to say " dicks and helicopters" when someone asked him that. It was hilarious.

ApollosMyth 22

I would laugh so hard if someone did that to me, he just sounds like a dick.

Lmfao you have great humor!! I would've laughed OP. Screw him no one needs a party pooper.