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Today, I spent three hours painstakingly installing and configuring some parental control software on my 11-year-old son's laptop after I caught him watching porn. Barely an hour after returning the laptop, I caught him watching yet more porn on it. FML
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ArielTheMermaid 17

Is it really necessary for an 11 year old to have his own personal laptop? And OP, unless he bought it himself, you have rights to take it away

TorisaurusRexxx 10

#1, there are many things that could be done to stop him. Snap his computer in half. Turn off the Internet router. Stab him, light him on fire, and dump his body behind McDonalds. Or simply just take the computer away.


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I'm just saying, if the kid wants to watch ****, he's going to find some way to do it. Either on his own laptop (which is sort of ridiculous), a friend's house maybe, finding **** magazines, ect.

TorisaurusRexxx 10

#1, there are many things that could be done to stop him. Snap his computer in half. Turn off the Internet router. Stab him, light him on fire, and dump his body behind McDonalds. Or simply just take the computer away.

chlorinegreen 27

Burn him? Stab him? He's 11. Bit harsh don't you think? I know you were joking or being sarcastic but geez!

TorisaurusRexxx 10

#22, the first comment stated that he'd always find a way no matter what OP did. I simply stated that there are things that can stop him. Whether its a good idea or not is a different question, but did the other options have to be smart to stop him?

How about you *gasp* spank your child. I know parents today are against it a lot of the time, but my parents used to spank me all the time and they still would if I did something like that. All I'm saying is punishment is a better lesson learned for your child than placing easily broken restrictions on a computer he's still allowed to use. And if you spank your child and put a little fear in him, good for you! You're the parent and he's the kid. You get to make the decisions and he needs to follow them one way or another.

Blacksabbath211 9

If the kid is watching ****, somehow I doubt spanking would necessarily be a punishment. He might have learned to enjoy it. ;-)

HA! I didn't get a cell phone until I was 23. That because THERE WERE NO CELL PHONES UNTIL I WAS 23!! Sorry for shouting but damn I feel old.

55 - I'm sure plenty of spanking has already been going on.

even the thought of a child getting pleasure .. especially sexual pleasure from a parent spanking them is down right sick and twisted. you #67 might want to consult a psychologist.

@55 I soooo agree with you, growing up I always got spanked, and im thankful I did, if I didnt id probably be some spoiled brat teenager who thinks i have entitlement to everything, im spanking my kids when I have them to, because if u just talk to them or ground them, when they go to do it again they will think, "its ok, they arent really gunna do anything" but if you spank them and they go to do it they would think "oh I better not, I don't wanna get spanked again," and I don't mean a leather belt and beat the crap outta them, I mean like a couple hard pats to the bum, and never do it out of anger, and after you do spank them, sit them down and talk to them, tell them what they did was wrong and that you love them and that your doing it to help them,

Suaria 38

I'm 16 and I still have not had my own laptop. I use my parents laptop or my brother's old laptop that he never uses.

@soccorchick My parents spanked me and it didn't make me do any better in school it just ended up causing me more problems because I became to scared to admit when I was having problems at school. Spanking doesn't do shit it's just causing pain for the sake of getting your own frustrations out. Also it's not going to stop a kid from doing what he wants it may while the pain is still there but eventually it passes. The better and smarter options are to ground kids to take away things they want when they break the rules but to also reward them when they do good. Spanking a kid is just the easy option parents take when they are to lazy to try anything else.

BlitzPKF 10

@7 Yeah this is 2013 get over it.

114- "This is 2013, get over it?" What are you, like 13? Briliant ******** reasoning, Junior, I don't see what it is you think Noor has to get over. :p Care to try an intelligent argument this time, please? :p

You deserve it for giving him a laptop. Also for not just taking it away after inappropriate behaviour show some parenting op

Just to give a fair look at "today's generation", I've had my own computer as long as I can remember because my dad is a software developer person. I didn't get my first phone until I was around 14 or 15, and only got a new one recently because my dad updated the plan...not all kids who have access to fancy things are spoiled brats =/ plus, by the time I was 11, teachers were assigning all kinds of computer work, and it was convenient for my parents that I had my own computer to do my work on. Maybe it's the same for this kid...sorry for the rambling, I'm kinda tired

It may be twisted but it is very common.

parkwaydrive7 9

#11 well that escalated quickly

Idk that father who shot his daughter's laptop seemed to have the right idea

Computers are becoming extremely important in todays society (ik the post is laptops but really theres very little difference). I know it would have been difficult in my junior high to get by without one and that was 8 years ago and highschool is damn near impossible now without one. My family (of four, mother who was a child psychologist) had one PC that we all shared and I found ways to watch **** on it. Not saying its good but its bound to happen. And spanking is not the best way to punish. Pain is a fleeting sensation and despite what people say about remembering pain the truth is the majority you don't. A better punishment is something psychological, I'm not saying emotional abuse but taking away something that they enjoy (in this case obviously the ******* laptop) for a while. Sorry about rambling. Congrats if you read the full thing ☆☆☆☆☆ heres some stars for you. Sorry about spelling mistakes if they exist. Silly galaxy S III.

If there is access to the Internet.. There is access to mostly anything, especially **** haha.

monnanon 13

ok lets add a little perspective. almost all of is who are on about not getting a phone or laptop until a 18 or older didnt get one earlier because they were not around or affordable when we were younger. its the same with the " when i was a nipper i played outside rather than using tech" its because it was not around. we all know fine well we would have begged for those items if they were available the way they are now. now as for the 11year old why dont you learn some real computer skills OP and lock that thing up tight. either that or take it away until he understands why **** is not sutiable for a young kid.

I've never been spanked by either of my parents. There are different types of people in this world. Parents needs to learn how to be parents an not spoil their kids so much. I respect both of my parents. My dad scares me but not because he has ever hit me, he just does lol. But if my parents does not let me out to a certain place or buy me a certain item that is expensive, then i an completely fine with that because they raised me not to be spoiled.

#155, I'm not yet 22, meaning when I was growing up the laptops were already affordable; hell, I learned to read on a (stationary) PC when I was 4, since we had this one game where you had to put the letters together, and this was the time when you had a BIOS system that you had to use to get the computer to work instead of it doing it automatically. Still, I got my first laptop only when I was moving away to a university. My parents would understand when I needed the family computer to work on my assignments, but if I was just playing games or surfing the Internet and they wanted to use it - I had to find myself something else to do. Now, I know a kid will find a way to watch ****, and nowadays it's even easier that it used to be - sure. But giving 11-year-old own laptop? Come on. If the parents and the kid both need the computer so much they are not able to share, sure, buy another one if you can afford it - and place it in your living room, not in child's room, where they can do all sorts of stuff. Have some control over your kid.

Unless you have a PHd in computer technology, you will not outsmart an 11yr old on one. I would give him one last chance, then take the offending device away from him.

Hey 146 I never said my parents enjoyed it. I said parents who spank there kids are doing it because it's the easy way out and it gets their own frustrations out. Think about it people who are angry hit a punching bag and they calm down or they squeeze a stress ball, so if a kid is being naughty and a parent spanks that child what is it really doing? it's the parent releasing there own frustrations. Sometimes they don't do it for that reason and do it because the child needs to be punished and that's the only way they know how now because they haven't tried other methods. In this case the kid doesn't need a spanking it would do nothing.

AndOtherDrugs 5

I will never understand the logic behind "I didn't have a laptop/phone/car until I was 18 so no one else should have one before then either!" Additionally, I don't think spanking would advantageous to anyone at that age/in this situation.

Exactly 182. I mean it's not 100% the parents faults sometimes kids are just out of control and push a parent to far but also the main factor they grew up in times when spanking was such a normal thing no one ever called anyone on it. They grew up in times when getting smacked at school was still ok. But times have changed and it's time to realize all smacking does is make a child terrified of their parent which isn't the right way to go about things. Not to mention the amount of times I've seen a parent smack their child and then yell at them to stop crying because the crying is driving the parent more nuts than the original problem did.

This is the internet; why is everyone bashing the OP's stance on laptops but does no one seem to think that keeping **** from an eleven year-old is ridiculously out-dated and short-sighted? Aside from the fact that you're never going to keep **** from anyone nowadays; the kid is eleven. He's going to start showing interest in sex and that's fine, healthy even. Your priority should be to explain to the child that **** is fantasy and that the objectification of women is a bad thing. This is inherently different from condemning **** in its entirety.

Sonfang 19

Llama612, it sounds like you're just against any type of spanking. It's true that it is not the only type of punishment, but it doesn't make children terrified of their parents. My younger brother and I were both spanked growing up, sent to our rooms, then lectured an hour later after we "thought about it." I wasn't ever scared of my parents, and I knew without a doubt if I did wrong, lied, back talked, skipped chores or disrespected my parents in any way I was going to be punished. It made me respect adults, my self, and my work for worry I would disappoint my parents and myself. NOT fear of punishment, fear of disappointment. Today's children and teenagers could use a little punishment and discipline at home and school.

199. Sure in some cases kids who get spanked turn out fine but a lot of studies are now showing that spanking kids leads to more problems in the long term and as a child who was spanked I can vouch for that spanking just made more problems than it ever fixed for me. I will stick by my guns when I say spanking is the illogical choice in punishment of a child. There are plenty of more better options that gets the message through better that doesn't involve you hitting your child. People think it's ok to spank kids because it has been going on so long, but just because something has been happening for a long time and feels like the norm doesn't make it right.

It might also be the type of person you are. Kids who naturally are a bit more resistant might see spanking as something that isn't a big deal. Kids like me, however, learn in a different way that doesn't involve pain. My mother never hit me, and I still love and trust my mother with all my heart. My father, who has more of a temper, does at times hit me and all I can say resulted from that is a lack of trust of my father. I never learned from pain, I just became afraid and avoided interactions with him.

Sonfang 19

Llama612, I agree it's not right for every child. I've just seen some of the other ways don't seem to work as well. My cousins never were spanked, their parents believed in reasoning with them, and they turned out awful. They emotionally abuse their parents, they are almost thirty and until recently lived and partied one hundred percent off of mom and dads money. I'm not saying beat the snot out of a kid, and especially not for **** (which is something I believe should be seriously discussed between parent and child about why it is inappropriate) but a few well placed firm swats and 20 minutes in a corner wouldn't harm the child any.

I agree with you in the fact their is a fine line parents have to balance, you don't want to give to much leway to kids because then they become spoiled brats who don't respect you. Their does need to be a firmness to any punishment. But you can do everything right and be the perfect parent and still have a kid who is a total asshole and who hates you, you can also be a parent who beats the crap out of their kid and that kid grows up to do well in school get great grades and become very successful and will still love the parent who beat them. There is always exceptions to the rule. I see the point you are making but I just don't feel spanking should be an option at least not the first to any extent. You make valid points though Sonfang and I admit I mainly started saying all this because some commenters above thought the best option here is to spank a young boy for doing something he can't help but I see you and I do agree on that.

Sonfang 19

Thank you Llama612, I understand that there are many options in "punishments", I appreciate that you can see other points too. I agree that spanking is not always the option, it's just sometimes a good one (in my opinion). Thank you again for your thoughtful responses, and not being an Internet jerk.

No probs. I don't see the point in being an internet jerk if I'm going to debate something with someone I will do it logically and respectfully as long as that person seems respectful which you do Sonfang. I try and see the other persons point as well especially when it makes a lot of sense like your does. I think in the end it all falls down to everyones own experiences and since mine with spanking were quite bad I will always be against it whereas yours were not so you see it in a different light. But I was very happy to have this internet conversation with you it's always nice to have a debate with someone where both parties are respectful of each other.

aisthecoolest 8

This is a huge argument.. But I'm 14 and have my own laptop, iPod, and phone. No, I have never been spanked to those of you who think its right. No, I am not a spoiled little shit. I paid for the laptop, earned the iPod, and paid for the phone. Me being an atheist teenager of course I watch ****, my parents don't know but they don't need to. The only thing that op's son did wrong was watch it on a laptop where there's a chance of malicious virus'.

alisidewinder 9

While I do agree that it is ridiculous for an 11 year old to have a laptop, my nephew and nieces are between the ages of 7-10. There school requires them to have a laptop for school work. I do not believe that is the case here, the parent should have just taken the laptop away.

Although **** is nice, I'd rather play an mmorpg.

Noor, this the first time that I have seen you so serious. I completely agree with what you said.

tjv3 10

Maybe you should ground him and take it away. Be the parent and tell him that it isn't ok for him to do that.

tjv3 10

And to all the people saying that he is too young for a laptop . This is 2013 everything is done on computers these days. Our local schools are giving kids iPads to use to read books, whole classes now use computers and tablets as teaching aids. This kid just needs to be taught how to mind and follow the rules.

Oh, sure, let's hit a child for doing something wrong. It's not like there's other ways to dole out punishment, like removing privileges.

So 228 you obviously didn't read the next few arguments I made against spanking right? or did you read them and think hmm this guy i making respectable valid points but I'm just going to be an asshole anyway because I was spanked as a child and have now grown to have a spanking fetish and since I don't want to feel weird I'll just say it taught me "respect" when it actually means it taught me fear which is completely different to respect but who cares.

Your augment against 228 is completely invalid. I agree with that person, being spanked taught me respect. And when I say it's taught me respect, in no way do I mean I have a fetish for being spanked. You know, not everyone has to have the same opinion as you and when you result to personal attacks on someone with a differing opinion, you're just making yourself look dumb and incapable of making a valid argument.

Probaton- I can't thank you enough for being the only one in 50+ comments to actually point out that interest in sex and pornography at OP's son's age is completely normal and healthy. What OP needs is a mature conversation about sexuality and separating fantasy from reality, not more complex parental blocks. Also, sorry guys, it's 2013, spanking is out. Your BS anecdotal "I was spanked and I turned out fine" argument pales in comparison to the psychological community that is almost entirely against spanking. Do some ******* research. All spanking does is teach you fear, and that if you can get away with something there are no consequences. And it doesn't matter if you didn't have a phone/laptop until you were 18; we live in an increasingly technological society where computers are a necessity for education, as well as social communication. Times have changed.

Llama, you do realise that the majority of people commenting here who have been spanked are endorsing it? Without reading all your arguments, I don't know whether you were spanked - if you were, then it'd appear you were smacked incorrectly, and if not, I can't see how you can argue with so many people who were. You can quote as many studies as you like, but then, you can find studies proving almost anything. Parents need to know their kids and how they'll respond, and smack responsibly. For example, I was smacked a lot more than my brother, because that was what worked for me but not for him. It might not have worked for you. Some studies might prove it isn't effective. That still doesn't make you right and everyone else wrong. It is purely case-specific.

kwyk - you're committing a sampling size fallacy. Finding a couple people who claim that they were spanked and turned out fine and therefore concluding that spanking is fine is like filling a cup with ocean water and concluding there's no whales in the ocean. Obviously not everyone who's spanked will develop problems, but that doesn't make it okay. The psychological community is almost entirely against spanking; it's not just a couple studies here and there. Is that really meaningless to you?

unknownfork 12

69 - You profile says you were born in 1973, the year the cell phone was invented. The cell phone was invented 23 years before you were born.

LOL bromego U R so funny. I know I know I'm-a sick, but this is my sense of humour kay.

LOL bromego U R so funny. I know I know I'm-a sick, but this is my sense of humour kay.

not getting spanked when you're a kid doesn't mean you're going to turn into a spoiled brat teenager...

ArielTheMermaid 17

Is it really necessary for an 11 year old to have his own personal laptop? And OP, unless he bought it himself, you have rights to take it away

She has the right to take it away anyways even if he did buy it.

You ALWAYS have the ability to take something away as a parent if they're abusing a privalige.. Just make sure you explain to them why you did it beyond "Cause Im the parent".

Agreed. Anytime I ever heard "Because I'm the parent," I did the exact opposite of what they said.

2 - Agreeing with #19 here. Well, I had a laptop at 11, and I don't think kids are any worse for having laptops at such a young age. Privileged, yes, but as long as the parents establish its uses and the rules that come with it in the first place, there shouldn't be a problem. And putting parental controls on just tells the kid that he'll have to be more ingenious if he wants to watch ****. There isn't a real consequence; he's not learning anything. On the other hand, he's an eleven year old boy. **** is probably the least of OP's problems.

Even if the son did buy it himself, OP can take it away...or at least restrict access to it. It's his house and his rules, and the kid is only eleven so he probably got the money from the OP anyway. If those rules happen to include "no laptop" then so be it. It might not be 100% moral, but you are your child's parent, not their friend. I think a lot of parents forget that and let their children do anything, in fear that their kids will be upset with them.

Exactly what I was thinking. That was mistake #1 op!

I have a laptop but i paid for it and i was 14 when i got it but as of the **** i say let him watch it its perfectly fine and normal

#50, I have had a personal laptop for some years now and my mother never really gave me restrictions to it, probably thinking that I know myself what's best for me, and I do, I turned out just fine :)

AndOtherDrugs 5

It may not be necessary for an 11 year old to have his own computer, but it could definitely be useful. Similarly, it's not necessary for so many people to have iPhones but they do. Just because people, even children, have technology that you didn't have growing up doesn't make them spoiled. Some people are just privileged. And that's something some people on here are way too bitter about.

I remember being 11 and wanting a laptop... But never in a million years would my mom let me have one! Looking back, that was a good choice. Who needs a laptop at that age?!

I bought and built my own computer when I was 14, but it still had to stay in the den until I went to college, because parents should be supervising what media their children are consuming. That's just smart parenting. And we only had dial-up Internet back then!

@185 They might need it to do their homework. Especially if you have multiple kids who have writing assignments at the same time. Giving them a basic laptop is better then having them fighting over who gets the only computer in the house to do their work on.

@178 I heard about some research saying it is bad for the social skills of a child when he gets involved in to much technology and social media at a young age.

Even if he bought it she could still take it away dumb ass!

I know that I'm a bit late here, but in some parts of Australia now all students above a certain age (grade 5 i think, which happens to be the 10-11 year old bracket) are given their own personal laptops through school. So I'm assuming that's what the laptop is for.

Just wanted to point out that watching **** at that age is perfectly healthy and normal, and an adult discussion about separating fantasy from reality and how to properly respect women is much more necessary here than parental blocks. Also, we live in an increasingly technological world; having a personal laptop at that age is fine.

Even if the kid bought it himself op still has the right to take it from him because hes the kid not the adult.

#101 I really don't think it's fine for an 11 year old to watch ****.

BS I have bought my own crap and my parents can take it away whenever they want and I would have no legal say in it

Even if he bought it, she can tell him it is not to be used in her household.

I built my computer from the ground up, and paid for it, and my parents still felt the need the take it away it when I got a b on my report card

There is always a way around parental controls. There's nothing you can do about it.

FistToBalls 3

From a professional **** watcher I take it?

Look at him, of course he is a pro!

Look at him, of course he is a pro!

Look at that, of course it is a double post!

Dr0reos 8

No one man can get between a man and his sweet sweet pornography.

Doubt you'll find any **** on the Iranian internet. And if you do find **** you'll be dangling from a crane, so it goes...

18, If you have physical access to a computer then you can bypass ANY "parental control" software installed on it. Proper access control must be implemented either on ISP side, or on a router you can't directly access/administer yourself, but even in this case there will be neighbor's wifi and mobile networks. So it is simply easier to take laptop (and all devices with internet connectivity) away - since the brat doesn't listen to you.

jajaflan 4

Im a 14 year old guy and I REALLY LIKE **** . No parent can deny there child it. Its gods gift to the internet.

@226, you're not a guy, you're a kid that can't spell. People like you make me think that society need a law that would make it illegal to access **** to anybody who hasn't completed at least high school with good grades. Because you've started watching it too early, you 1. might grow up with screwed-up character or sexual preferences. 2. By the age of 20 you might get erectile dysfunction and won't be able to "get it up" unless it is involves extreme fetish (vomit, scat, etc). Enjoy the consequences of your actions, though.

Hahaha oh wow, you had a valid point up to the erectile dysfunction and scat fetish. No, that won't happen, worst that might happen is the kid getting some viruses on the pc and unrealistic expectations.

Er....take the laptop away from him maybe?

Or just let him watch ****, its not doing any harm, thats almost a fact, many studies have been done and kids really aren't affected by it that much.

Why all the thumbs down? 190 has a totally valid point. If you disagree, why not post actual arguments instead? An interest in sexuality and pornography at that age is perfectly healthy. As long as OP explains the difference between fantasy (the essence of ****) and reality (where you need to treat women with respect) there's virtually no harm done. What harm *can* be done is inadvertently teaching children to feel ashamed of their sexuality by labeling pornography as taboo, which can lead to consequences later in life.

Or just you know... Be a responsible parent?

Its true. You have to be careful when telling a kid he/she is bad for exploring sex because it could screw them up when trying to have a relationship when they are older. I used to watch the Sunday Night Sex Show when I was 8 and explored the idea of sex, but didn't act on it until I was 19 and was responsible, however my parents didn't know. But I hear a lot about catholics having intimacy issues because of the up bringing... Let him watch the damn **** as long as he doesnt make it obvious to you. Since he has already, hopefully he's more decreet in the future

Depends on what kind of **** he watches, the stuff on the Internet is probably way more vicious that what you saw on telly at night. It might influence his life and future experiences as well.

98, although children do need sexual education, stuff available on the internet (*freely* available) can be very extreme. It might involve vomit, excrements, piss, midgets, amputees, sadism, staged rape, **********, etc. That's if the source provides photos or videos of real people. If he manages to find artworks or comics, he might be lucky enough to get torture leading to death, forced prostitution, sexual slavery, pedophilia, necrophilia and cannibalism graphically depicted in detail. I.e. the kind of stuff that would give a decent adult nightmares for several days. So the stuff you watched is probably fine. Any other source depicting consensual sex or light erotica might be fine too. But giving a free internet access to underage person is pure insanity. Parent that think otherwise simply either irresponsible or never stumbled upon extreme stuff by accident.

**** is not good at any age, it can in fact cause impotence in men and social anxieties as well, look it up. Id love it if someone had told me that info so maybd itll help someone else

soad2014 7

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sammyjanette 17
TorisaurusRexxx 10

I remember when I was 10 y/o trying to print out a color picture of Pamela Anderson topless off of AOL. 20 minutes later, I had to rip it from the printer halfway bc my parents pulled in the driveway! Discovering **** as a kid is part of growing up. I guess what worries me about my future kids is how absolutely available and *hardcore* the **** is nowadays. Since its so hard to monitor (if your child doesn't have a laptop or cellphone, a friend certainly will...) I think its more important to explain to kids how different pornography is from real life when they get "the talk". And if your boy hasn't gotten the talk yet, OP, needless to say now is a good time.

Okay, people, calm down. I understand both sides of the argument, but the reality is that OP doesn't want his son to watch ****. Sure, the kid can easily find **** using different venues, however, he deliberately bypassed his father's protective measures. THAT'S the point of the FML, in my opinion.

41: sheltering kids about sex is the absolute worst thing you can do. at 11 years old, he is probably just starting to go through puberty and beginning to explore such things. by sheltering him, all he'd be doing is ensuring that he'd be going to friends and classmates about it rather than his father. I honestly think the best thing for OP to do is sit down with his son and give him the sex talk, since he is obviously already aware of it. Explain what is and isn't appropriate, and inform him that his laptop is not to be used for **** purposes. If it is, revoke his privileges to use it.

Excuse me, but not wanting an 11-year-old to watch **** is not "sheltering" him. There are age-appropriate sites where a kid can learn about sex. And watching **** is NOT going to help a kid learn anything. Not to mention what the kid is doing is illegal. And OP, I assume you bought the laptop, so you can very well take it away. If he needs it for schoolwork, he can only use it in your presence (or his mother's presence), and you will monitor his usage. He's violated your trust and needs to be punished.

16, I doubt he was watching **** for educational purposes...

I also see both sides of this argument; Curiousity in sex/women/whatever is fine. Sex education is fine. Asking about and discussing sex is fine...imho. :) Having your child learn about sex by watching a video of some hairy ape pounding all 3 holes in some drugged out, whimping shadow of a girl while calling her his dirty little *****....not as least, not yet, I hope. ;p Ick. Obviously the boy is curious about it, perhaps take the opportunity to Educate, not punish him, might be more effective....?

zero91 4

lol i discovered **** when i was 11 but i grew up to be a policeman ..

rifletwirler92 15

Yeah it's gonna happen that he watches ****, but at the same time you should be careful what **** he happens upon. There's some seriously ****** up **** on the internet, and I'm not just talking about the infamous 2 girls 1 cup.

I agree completely, 11 is way too young.

bizarre_ftw 21

Guys! This kid is eleven!! Eleven is within the normal range of time when boys are supposed to become attracted to girls. You have to get out of the "holy shit! It's littler than me!!! It's immature!! Quick! Someone get it a diaper!!" mindset If he's actively seaking out the **** then there's a more than good chance he's not going to be traumatized by it. Nor is he likely to start trying out what he sees in the middle of class or in the supermarket Explain to him (in a non- traumatizing way, ie don't get it into his head that Any of this is wrong, bad, incorrect, etc... Unless you want a seriously sexually repressed, socially anxious, self-confidence-gone-to-shit kid) how **** online works, give him a quick walk-through, answer any questions, and buy him a book on puberty/what is sex The Most important thing in a situation like this is to Not connect the way he's feeling and his Natural and perfectly Normal curiosity to punishment, embarrassment, and/or shame God damnit why are so many people so empathetically stunted when it comes to kids growing up? Get some perspective people!!

Being exposed to **** at such a young age can cause the kid to become addicted to it and in time develop an unhealthy sexual life. So its better if hes exposed to it when hea older.

61: if your comment was to me, did you even read what I said? i was referring to 41's comment about him learning about these things as an adult; my comment even mentions that he should be setting boundaries about what is and isn't appropriate. in no way did i say that not allowing him to watch **** is sheltering him. if it wasn't to me, then ignore me :3

If you want him to have access to the internet at all, you're going to have to accept he'll watch **** with it! I guess the battle now is to make sure he keeps going outside XD

zingline89 18

I would say give him a spanking, but I see he's already spanking himself.

FistToBalls 3

There is nothing wrong with ****, next time knock before entering you're the one that seems to have problems.

Except that **** gives him unrealistic ideas about sex and how to pleasure a woman, plus it will give the computer viruses which can be costly. And it is the parent's house, not the child. Privacy is a priviledge, not a right.

The only privacy a 11 yr. old kid needs is a restroom with a lock on it to clean himself up and change. At 11, there shouldn't be such things to hide from a parent.

Continuing 91's comment, there's also some pretty ****** up stuff out there. I'm betting even if you're totally fine with your kid watching regular ****, you still want to protect them from underage faeces ********** **** or whatever the latest creepy thing is.

You're actually more likely to get a computer virus from a church site as they are mainly run by inexperienced volunteers, #91.