Dad, no, enough!

By Tooyoungforthis - 04/01/2013 00:34 - United States - Arvada

Today, I had to download a parental block so my dad would stop watching porn on my laptop. FML
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crazedsyco 15

Did you find out it was him by placing a hiddin cam in you room and now have the image of him fapping burned into your skull?

Does he not have his own laptop to watch **** on?


Does he not have his own laptop to watch **** on?

I'm guessing he doesn't otherwise we wouldn't have seen this FML

I think this is the same dad caught on camera masturbating to **** on his child's computer from a few days ago... Glad the story has been updated.

Probably Dad's laptop has been set a parental lock by Mom already, to stop him watching **** (and to make him have some real sex instead?)

Apparantley not.

If you are looking up **** instead of having sex there is a whole differs set of problems here. I think the dad isn't getting any and wont even if he did stop watching **** so that isn't really an option.

So you ****-blocked him... Literally

RedPillSucks 31

Most likely, he doesn't want his wife to look up his browser history and see the evidence. Not everyone knows how to clear browser history (yes, I know it's simple to do).

Plenty of people in healthy relationships watch **** and **********. It's when you'd rather watch **** than have sex with your partner that it becomes a problem.

You don't want to use your own laptop. There's the mess of a potential virus, and the mess when you run out of your brothers sock.

Hope there's no sticky residue on the keys...

If so, press the "Shift" button 5 times in succession.

I read this fml and that was the first thing i thought of, good job(:

StickyKeys. Hehehehe.

YupI think we already established that

Remind me to wear surgical gloves next time I use my keyboard..

Sometimes that sticky residue though is a good snack in a pinch right? YUM IN MY TUM!! xD

crazedsyco 15

Did you find out it was him by placing a hiddin cam in you room and now have the image of him fapping burned into your skull?

If so, I think OP needs some brain bleach...

im guessing he awkwardly walked in on him multiple times..

vencku 13

By checking the browser history?

cupcakekallie 6

just so you know, this is a reference to another fml

SneezyC 15

You beat me to it... Darn. Very clever though. I'm glad someone mentioned it.

Dad's doing it wrong, he needs his own laptop, or his wife.

His wife is probably what is driving him to watch ****.

NickPaulson 6

Or he doesn't have a wife?

mspoutylips 8

After seeing your dad from the hidden camera, I'm glad you put the parental block.

OP is a woman.

I'm sure he has a computer, he just likes the rush of possibly being caught

Wtf is wrong with you?

lol nothing is wrong with me, i'm just over here making deducing and making assumptions

by his daughter though?

Just don't put your laptop up to a black light, it may be mentally scarring

If It's your laptop, couldn't you just put a password on your account? Or change it, If he knows it.

That was my first thought. Can't get into the laptop, can't watch ****.

There is the possibility of the daughter leaving her laptop on and not having a password-protected screen saver, in which case the dad can leisurely waltz into the room and fap at will. This, however, doesn't seem like the first offense by the dad. I, for one, am curious as to what **** he's whacking his wang to, and if he's leaving behind, um, evidence. :/

Why do you want to know what **** he's fapping to?

Curiosity, and nothing more? Just wanna know exactly *how* ****** up the dad is.

Parental lock is like the chastity belt of technology.

pinkpixie06 11

Parents these days...

I guess that's why the have the parental block.