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Today, I asked a coworker what she'd bought her dad for father's day. She said that she got him some flowers, and I laughed because I thought it was a rather feminine gift for a man. I later found out that the flowers were for his grave. FML
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Maybe that'll teach you to be so judgmental

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You couldn't have possibly known about her dead father, but you still should have been more sensitive about her gift choice. No need to be rude about it.


GuyWithThePants 7

Maybe that'll teach you to be so judgmental

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OP Damn right **** your life. get on your knees and ask for an apology. you are so ****** up never jump to conclusions and won't have to feel like shit for the rest of your life

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What's wrong with men liking flowers anyway? Morrissey got away with it. Gender stereotypes need to stop.

42- To some degree, yes. If we all lived in a utopia, we would all naturally be (relatively) open-minded and tolerant of others and their choices. Unfortunately, we as both a nation (speaking for the United States) and on an international level are far from achieving this goal at the current state we're in. Just thought I'd mention this, I did several persuasive papers on this basic topic over the years.(:

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65- You know if you agree with a comment the generally accepted principle is to just thumb it up...

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Teach you to*not be so judgmental?

66, why do you care so much about what 65 does? There are tons of people on FML who go "I agree, (insert number or username here)"

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Really, because that's the first one I saw. Might be a mistake, but hey, I'm a Velocirabbit. Not much I can do.

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Who said flowers were only for women? I think it's a great gift, especially if a man plays both the roles of a father and mother. Plus some flowers are symbols for many things.

Pssh, being judgmental is awesome! I love being a hater ;)

Umm she wasn't really being judgmental but it was still rude to laugh at a gift someone bought unless it was meant as a joke.

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Utopias will never work. It's like giving a doctor a plumbers worth of pay, who the hell would be the doctor in a utopia? If everyone is equal, nobody would ever take the positions that would require actually thought processing power and hard work if they know they will get equal pay for an half - ass job.

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Plumbers do some very dirty jobs... Shouldn't say they are half assed... Every job has its difficulties... You wouldnt want to unclog some piping for minimum wage would you?

If we lived in a utopia we would never get ill ( well in my perfect world) so we wouldnt need doctors ...

2, Amen to that! Furthermore, using common sense, she got. flowers for her dad. A simple, "He likes to garden?" question would have been responded with, "He's deceased." Therefore, you would have avoided you making a complete ass out of yourself.

180, If there are no doctors, does this mean people and living creatures don't become ill? If so, when can we go?! ;-)

That awkward moment where you have moral and philosophical debates on a website callee **** My Life made to have a laugh at the expense of others

Op, don't sweat it. People who have lost a parent, especially at a younger age are used to the average person not understanding. Everyone is ignorant to some things they just dont understand or have ever experienced. A simple "I'm sorry, I didn't know" will more than do. If the person is still pissed, then they like drama and can go f* themselves. I lost my mother when I was 10. And most people who joked around in a offensive way, had no clue that she was gone. I don't expect everyone to tip toe through life just to be politically correct. That's my 2 cents worth.

Yeah, by OP's logic we should stop laying flowers out in memorial for fallen soldiers. When Cpl. Cirillo was murdered you wouldn't believe all the flowers laid out. They have a guy who was consistently making room for more.

B3Y0ND 3

You couldn't have possibly known about her dead father, but you still should have been more sensitive about her gift choice. No need to be rude about it.

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Yeah, never laugh at a gift, there could be a story behind why someone gives a gift to someone who's alive or passed on... It's fathers day, be nice op... a lot of parents receive flowers on their special days. Jerk!

Seriously, I run a flower shop and people do buy men flowers. It happens, op is a jerk.

I'm sure op feels like a bunch of roses now.. Way to go op

Flowers are a sweet gesture no matter who they're for. YDI for being rude c:

Ouch Op, you shouldn't be too quick to judge, even if his father was still alive. :p Sorry, but ydi.

What's wrong with flowers anyway? It's the thought that counts.

Look out, we have another one without a SHIRT!!!!

5, Better than a dollar lotto scratcher, right? jk :-) (FML reference). And the thought does count. Something is better than nothing.

206 - indeed they don't, but it's totally possible for someone to change their picture. Which he did.

If I was a guy and someone got me flowers I'd be a man about it and accept them, what's wrong with flowers? A lot of guys get their friends/girlfriend or parents flowers cuz their pretty. So hey, maybe some Guys like flowers, you deserve it for being so judgmental.

Im a guy and I like flowers. I think theyre a cute and thoughtful gift dead or alive. But it was rude OP, to laugh at it. Like how pink is a girls color. It's called immaturity, OP. YDI

Yeah. And a gift is a gift. Anyone should be happy someone thought of them. It's a kind gesture.

I love a man in a light pink shirt with his suit, sexy!

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But...I get flowers for my dad too...

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There's nothing wrong with it hon.

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My mom got roses for her dad too, she does it every year for father's day. I thought it was normal, dead or alive.

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Way to jump to conclusions. FYI they make flowers made of bacon and if I ever got those for Father's day I would be pumped.

BunchieRules 31

Bacon Flowers? I've bever heard of them, but they sound glorious. What will they think of next, bacon trees?

Airman1988 9

They also have bacon cupcakes