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Today, I found out that I'm a dad. My ex from 8 years ago contacted me through facebook. I'm happy I have a kid, but apparently she only contacted me because she wants me to start paying child support, now her boyfriend who provided for them left. FML
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ask for a dna-test. she seems crazy enough to make up the story to get some extra money.

Women like that are not making other single moms look good with the 'money hungry' stereotype that's growing these days....


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Who are "they" and what do they "say"?

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"They" are the mole people. And they say he should have supersoaked her that night.

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ydi for not pulling out in time.

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8 years ago? 1. It's probably a scam. DNA test or it didn't happen. 2. If she actually takes it to court, the fact she couldn't be ****** asking for 8 years might give you the upper hand. 3. It sounds like she's just combing through the past looking for some money, so she's probably poor. Poor people can't afford decent lawyers. (From memory a lawyer is only provided for free in a criminal case).

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What they all said ^^ DNA test. The b*tch is probably hiding something from you.

srry dude that sucks not knowing that you have a kid nd just finding out someday. fyl.

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Well even though the b*tch of an ex blew you off for 8 years, you might wanna pay the child support. If you really care about the welfare of the child, and sueing her for custody or visitation rights might kinda f up the kid. Try to talk things through maybe? But if she did that then I'm guessing thats a dead end situation. Sorry man, FYL.

would you really care for the welfare of a child you didn't know you had the day before and that child was old enough to tell you where to go and how to get there?!?! if the child is 8 and you have only seen picture of the kid (possibly have not even seen pictures) then even if it was your kid I'd fight it and just say that this is bullshit as you never once seen this kid ect. fyl

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He said he was glad he had a kid

**** that shit, dna test op. if ever in doubt get tested lol

Women like that are not making other single moms look good with the 'money hungry' stereotype that's growing these days....

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I agree! tell her lazy, greedy ass to get a job!! what a beezy for not telling you in the first place!!

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Sucks to be u homie!! Time to call Maury!!

ask for a dna-test. she seems crazy enough to make up the story to get some extra money.

Yeah, in most jurisdictions that won't mean anything.

What do you mean? So some lady can claim some completely random stranger is the father and the courts will force him to pay child support for a kid that isn't his?

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That's truly unfortunate. I hate people who do that kind of shit. Any parent who uses their child as a weapon, is a POS in my book.

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you are wonderful keep pissing them off

it really depends on the mother though. if she is scraping money together to buy groceries for her kid then I feel like asking for support is justified. but, if she's trying to get extra money for like a vacation or luxuries then she's a POS.

ask for proof that there is even a kid, you never know she just asking you for $

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That's such bullshit,I'd be so pissed if that happened to me.I agree get a DNA test...

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Chances are if you end up having a child, you'll know it's yours w/o the DNA test..

not if you find out about it 8 years later retard, read the fml

Hey dumbass, Try looking at HER picture before you call him a retard. Having an ex contact you years later to tell you that you have a kid you didn't know about, is something a woman will never experience, and will never fully understand.

8 years ago? haha. so you haven't seen your son in 7, 8 years? buy the kid an xbox or something and he'll start calling you dad:D

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No, you idiot. OP didn't know he was a dad. Therefore, he's never seen his kid.

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lol. I think wiis are in style for 7 year olds now a days. a wii and some Mario games buy love for all ages

No, I agree with getting him an xbox, and add some COD in the gift pile.

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What if it's a daughter what should he get her?