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  sexyscooter  |  0

dont you get it, its not about if she won/lost the argument that she is pisted about. she is pissed that your an asshole enough to actualy argue about somthin soo stupid , i have soo much more to say but imma just gunna end this with a YDI

  RokstaRx88  |  0

females aren't reasonable just learn to respond to all statements made by vag carriers with yes love or no love sometimes a sure thing love mixed in keeps them on their toes and make it seem like u are listening

  DaveP  |  0

COME ONE #89 everyone knows shrek is dreamworks
and I pick toy story 3 on the fact it reminded me of the first to and when I was young AND was the best story to a 3rd movie i've seen

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

#5 wins. I thought the exact same thing, though I would have accepted any of the 3.

Wall-E sucks. I fell asleep to it. Up is pretty good, as is Monsters Inc, but Toy Story has been my favorite movie since it came out.

I'm excited for Monsters Inc. 2, even if, as my girlfriend says, I'll be a grown man in law school when it comes out(jokingly, of course, she wants to see it, too).

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Hhhiii- It's a rumor. Possibly true, but not a fact.
And it'll be out(supposedly) in 2013, so... I'll be 23 =D and hopefully not cynical enough to lose the excitement.